How to Create a Dreamy Boho Bedroom

How to Create a Dreamy Boho Bedroom
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    Just because the ‘60s and ‘70s are over doesn't mean you can't embody that same carefree vibe in your home.

    And what better room to deck out in such a relaxing eclectic style than your bedroom?


It’s the perfect place to create your own little slice of paradise.

We’re going to show you seven ways you can incorporate the boho look in your space. Now you can finally bring your dreamy bedroom escape to life.

1. Keep the Paint Color Simple

You’re going to have many colors, patterns, and textures in your room thanks to the decor. Boho style is all about mashing a lot of different things together in the same space.

Because of that, it’s a good idea to opt for white or off white walls to keep from overwhelming the senses too much.

It turns your bedroom into a blank canvas.

Don’t worry if you’re not sold on entirely white walls. Paint the wall your headboard rests against a deep, rich color you really love. This turns it into an instant, Boho-style accent wall.

Now you can get deep into the boho vibe and start covering all those blank walls with color and texture!

2. Pay Extra Attention to the Bed

Your bed is the undisputed focal point of your bedroom. It’s where all eyes will naturally fall, and it demands your utmost attention.

Natural materials are the go-to for any boho space. Bed frames made from wood will blend seamlessly with this style. Antique metals like brass are also acceptable, especially if the bed frame is vintage.

Or get your DIY on and create yourself a bed frame from wooden pallets.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a headboard. Using a quilt or a tapestry on the wall behind your bed as a makeshift headboard takes your boho bedroom to the next level!

  • And Don’t Forget About the Bedding

    The key to perfecting boho is to throw the idea of perfection out the window.

    No matter how carefully you pick out every piece of your bedding, don’t make it look intentional. And never, ever make your bed too nearly. You want it to look slept in and inviting.

    Casual and comfortable is the entire point of the boho style.

    Start with an oversized, fluffy duvet that screams comfort. Get it a size bigger than your bed — a king-sized duvet on a queen bed, for example — so it overhangs on the sides.

    Add a tasseled throw blanket, a lovely quilt, or a big knit blanket to bring more patterns and textures to the mix.

    Then start piling on the pillows. You don’t have to use rhyme or reason when placing your pillows; just get them on there. They’re perfect for adding accent colors and making the entire space look more fun and extra comfy.

3. Mix and Match Your Other Furniture

You don’t need to bother getting a matching bedroom suite. Mismatched furniture gets along so much better with the boho vibe.

That doesn’t mean you must chuck out your matching side tables. Try throwing different pieces of fabric on top of them to give them a unique look. It helps keep them from being exact copies of each other.

If you’re on the hunt for new furniture, take advantage of it.

Look for wooden furniture — the more loved, the better. Embrace any flaws in the pieces you have. Dings and scratches add character. They are perfectly imperfect.

Check out thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets for stellar vintage finds at a great price.

4. Dress up Your Walls

Walls in a boho bedroom should never be bare.

Go absolutely wild with finding pieces that you love to hang on the walls. Fill up all the blank spaces with color and texture to seal the deal.

Hang up mirrors with beautiful ornate frames or lean them up against the wall if they’re large. A large piece of woven macrame will also tie in perfectly with your boho theme.

Use art that makes you happy to add color and take up space. You can use large pieces or make something like a gallery wall with different pieces.

decorative bed pillowsbed comforter

      some bedroom ideas to consider      

Now, if you’re going for tapestries, make sure you get fabrics that drape and flow. If you use tapestries that are too thin, they won’t look quite right. Avoid anything mass-printed since they are usually made with lower quality fabrics.

5. Put Something Under Your Feet

Rugs are a staple of boho decor, which means you can’t get away without at least one rug in your bedroom.

Yes, we said at least.

Start with one main carpet that extends under your bed. It needs to take up a good part of the floor to tie everything together into one cohesive space.

Once you know your primary color scheme, you can buy smaller rugs to layer with your main rug for visual interest. Skew the extra rugs, so they’re not lined up perfectly with everything else, adding to the carefree vibes.

Persian rugs are fantastic for the boho look because of their vibrant patterns and bold colors. But really anything that adds to the comfort of your bedroom will work.

Just find the rugs that work for you!

6. Change up the Lighting

Lighting is an integral feature in interior design. It sets the mood of a room and affects the emotions of anyone who spends time in it.

We aren’t focusing so much on how to light your bedroom as what kind of lights you use. You want light fixtures that fit your theme and don’t just stand out like a sore thumb, after all.

Most boho lighting uses softer, more natural materials, like the other elements you’ve added to your bedroom so far. They don’t often feature glass or metal very heavily.

Find a pendant light made from bamboo, has beading, or incorporates a woven design.

Add small lamps or wall sconces to bring in even more light to your space. Lanterns make a great addition to a boho bedroom. And they look absolutely beautiful on a bedside table.

String lights are also an absolute must!

oversized wall clock modernindustrial pendant light

      some industrial look ideas to consider      

7. Bring on the Plants

You can’t have a boho bedroom without any plants.

You can go all out at your local plant nursery or stick with realistic-looking fake plants from a craft store, that pop of greenery is the icing on top of your boho cake.

Put a floating shelf above your bed and line it with trailing plants for a stunning natural headboard effect.

Set up larger plants in the corners while smaller plants sit on shelves or hang from the ceiling. Use pots in subdued natural tones that blend into your bedroom. And try your hand at macrame to make your very own plant hangers.

If you’re hoping to get real plants, but your bedroom doesn’t get a lot of natural light, look into low-light plants. They will thrive best in your cozy room with you.

Houseplants are the perfect finishing touch for your brand new boho bedroom.

In Conclusion

Your bedroom is your safe space where you can relax away from the stresses of the outside world and unwind. Why not make it the most comfortable retreat you can imagine?

Few things are quite as warm and cozy as boho.

other valuable tips:

Take your time and make your way through the list. Create your own dreamy boho bedroom piece by piece. At the end, you will have your very own escape to retire to after a long day — all without having to leave home.

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