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7 Brilliant Ideas to Light Up Your Hallway

The hallway of any home is somewhat of an interesting awkward area. more often than not, it receives corridor status, but it’s in fact, an important space. Hallways can be transformed into elegant, inviting spaces with the right touch.

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Simple DIY Home Improvement Projects for Under $100

Most people think of home improvements as simple do-it-yourself projects that require a little bit of money, some creativity, and cheap supplies. There is a fine line between creative and tacky and if you are thinking of redoing your house in some way or the other, you need to really think about why and how the overall result will affect the rest of your home.


Creating Enticing Entry Ways – All the Tips Necessary

Entry ways or foyers are the first point of contact between visitors and your home. You may not think much about them when redecorating or making a few changes to your house or apartment, but using some great creativity in this particular area of the house can have a massive impact on visitors.

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What is the Value of Your Mud Room?

Tweet Introduction There are many improvements that can be made on the mud room despite the functions carried out in the room. A huge percentage of people don’t consider the