7 Yard Repairs to Make Look Gorgeous this Summer

7 Yard Repairs to Make Look Gorgeous this Summer
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    It seems as if the summer season has a way of making the flaws in your yard and landscape design very noticeable.

    Just as with the interior and exterior of your home, your landscape design can become outdated and various features in your yard can need repair.


Once these repairs are finished your revitalized yard will be something you can once again be proud of.

Do some trimming

One repair project that will make an immediate difference in your yard is trimming. If you have shrubs that have grown above your windows or have grown into some unattractive shape, a serious trimming will instantly improve your yard. Any branches that are obstructing the walkway should be trimmed back. This will make the walkway prettier and safer.

Walkway damage

If your walkway has chips or cracks or missing stones, pavers or bricks, it is due a repair. A damaged walkway is unattractive, but even more importantly, it is dangerous. You wouldn’t want visitors to your home to trip as they walk to or from your door. Damaged steps should also be repaired.

Flower beds

Summer is the perfect time to clean out debris from your flower beds. Dead plants, leaves and whatever else might have found its way into your flower bed should be removed. Be sure to plant new flowers in the spaces where dead ones were removed. If you used rock to define your flower beds, this is a good time to inspect the rock wall and make any necessary repairs.


A broken or damaged fence is definitely an eyesore in any yard. Fence repair should be high on your priority list when beautifying your yard. If you’ve been contemplating adding a fence to your yard, summer would be a good time to consult with a landscaping company that offers fence installation as one of their services.

Exterior lighting

Exterior lighting is a large contributor to the attractiveness of a yard. You might want to consider adding lighting or increasing the amount of outdoor lighting you have. Repairing any broken fixtures or replacing burned out bulbs should be on your summer chores list. You might want to take your landscape design to a higher level by adding a focal point such as a water feature or an outdoor structure such as a pergola to the design. Highlight either of these with outdoor lighting and you will have made a dramatic improvement in your yard.

Assess your lawn

Companies like Classic Jack, landscape designers in Salt Lake City, can help you solve any issues you might have with bare spots in your yard. Adding sod is a popular option and an ideal way to acquire a gorgeous green lawn that will make neighbors green with envy.

Lawn furniture

No matter how beautiful your yard may be, if you have furniture sitting out there that is unattractive, it will adversely affect the appearance of your yard. Depending on what type of outdoor furniture you have, you may be able to revive it simply by washing it. A fresh coat of paint might be what it needs. New cushions could enhance your outdoor furniture. For safety and appearance, be sure to make a necessary structural and assembly repairs that the furniture needs.

Most likely, you will not need to do all of the above mentioned repairs in order to improve the appearance of your yard. Take an objective look at your yard and make the repairs that will have the greatest impact. Don’t hesitate about setting up a consultation with landscape professionals who can guide you in making the proper landscape and lawn product choices for the specific area in which you live.



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