4 Home Selling Secrets that You Don’t Want to Miss

4 Home Selling Secrets that You Don’t Want to Miss
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    Every homeowner dreams of having a simple and smooth home selling process.

    However, according to Forbes magazine, the median time on the market is about 100 days nationwide.


The price, location, local market and condition of the house are the determining factors with how quickly a home sells. While homeowners have little influence over the first three, they can improve the condition of their home. Below are four secret tips to preparing your home to be sold.

Make the First Impression Count

The Persian poet Saadi famously said “whatever makes an impression on the heart seems lovely in the eye.” You only get one chance at making a good first impression with your home. This impression starts at the curb and is basically finished by the time the potential buyers get to your front door. Don’t just make sure the yard is tidy, add some colorful plants or shrubs. Consider selectively repainting the exterior. For example, make sure the bottom half has darker colors (to avoid a top-heavy feel) and that both the top and bottom halves are equally detailed. Painting the window sashes and porch ceilings is another simple solution.

Get a Deep Cleaning

Hiring a home cleaning service will save you time, money and energy. While anyone can clean a home, professional home cleaners, like Golden Shine, have the experience, supplies and a sharp eye to give your home a complete makeover. This is also beneficial because many cleaning chemicals are harmful. In order to provide a deep cleaning, one must use industrial strength chemicals. Another benefit is that home cleaners are on call and can also be scheduled every week. This means that if a potential buyer suddenly asks to see the home, a home cleaner can make your home perfectly presentable. They can also regularly clean your home to ensure it is presentable at all times.

Renovate the Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen is the heart of every home and the bathroom is the only room that the potential buy may actually use first hand. You can prioritize renovating the kitchen without breaking your bank account. Keep in mind that the quality of the kitchen needs to match the rest of the house. One of the easiest ways is to re-paint the kitchen with bright, fresh colors. Another inexpensive solution is to add stylish accessories and an artistic pot and pan rack. Upgrade older appliances with new ones and consider replacing the sink faucet. Another innovative solution is to add a movable block shaped island in the center of the kitchen.

The bathroom can easily be renovated with a fresh coat of paint and new tile. Additional lighting with a unique design theme will add character. Reduce clutter through shelves or shelf towers. Both the toilet and sink can be upgrade to environmentally friendly models that save water. Cabinets can be organized and cabinet shelves can be converted to pullouts. Finally, the medicine cabinet can be replaced with something modern. Overall, there are simple and easy solutions to upgrading and renovating the kitchen and bathroom.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating and maintaining harmony between people and the environment. Feng Shui is very practical when it comes to home selling because it’s about making people comfortable through flow and symmetry. Classic Feng Shui teaches that the home receives energy through the front door. Remove all clutter and consider repainting to a better Feng Shui color. The main hallway needs to welcome and channel the energy into the rest of the home. Be sure the doors or windows on opposite sides of the house are not kept open because this allows energy to escape.

Make sure that furniture faces the entry way. Make sure that furniture is properly placed to encourage good traffic flow. The last thing you want is a potential buyer bumping into awkwardly placed furniture. Room colors and design, especially in the bedrooms, need to be neutral and natural. It is a good idea to remove political, religious or other items that may make visitors uncomfortable. In the bathroom, be sure to close the toilet lid because water represents money so the toilet is a place where you lose water/money. Finally, be sure to get rid of all clutter. Overall, Feng Shui offers very practical, time tested tips for making the home comfortable and welcoming.

Sprucing up the exterior to make a good impression, using a professional home cleaner to keep the interior in perfect shape, renovating the kitchen and bathroom to sway potential buyers and applying the principles of Feng Shui will make buyers more comfortable. Overall, the home value and appearance can improve through these tactics.



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