Tips for Packing and Moving House

Tips for Packing and Moving House
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    Maybe you've just found the perfect home for your family or perhaps you’ve finally finished your dream renovation job and you’re ready to move in!

    The end result is so exciting, but the process of getting there can be a total nightmare.


We’ve compiled a list of handy tips to make moving a little bit easier. You’ll be thanking your lucky stars you did it right when you spend that first night under your new roof!

Get started sooner rather than later

Moving house usually isn’t a surprise. More often than not you should have several weeks notice at least that you’ll be moving soon, even if you haven’t figured out where you’ll be living in the end. As soon as you know you’re definitely on the move, you should start sorting things out. make it a project to at least sort through the items in one room per weekend, deciding what you definitely want to keep, and what is getting donated or thrown away. Then, once the moment arrives where you have to really get stuck in to the whole moving process you’ll already have done most of the hard, time consuming work. Then it will all feel like a breeze!

Be ruthless

We often feel very emotionally attached to our homes and the things we choose to fill them with. It can be really devastating to have to ditch some of the items that you don’t need or that won’t work in your new home. but moving is such a great opportunity to purge your home of unnecessary clutter and items you’re holding on to just for their sentimental value. Again, it can be very helpful to have a friend or family member around to keep you honest. They can be relied upon to ask you the really tough questions, like: ‘When was the last time you looked at this pile of back issues of People magazine?’.

Keep only the items that you need. Keeping something you don’t need, want or like just because it was a gift really doesn’t make sense! You don’t need to feel guilty for deciding to get rid of your 4 extra whisks, or the 3 extra sets of linen that are so hideously out of style you wouldn’t be seen dead with them on the beds in your beautiful new home. Celebrate your victories when you ditch something that has been hanging around your home for way too long, and remember that you’ll be able to find plenty of new things to decorate and fill your new home with. It’s only stuff! Get ready for a fresh start.

Find ways to make use of your disused items

After you’ve done a ruthless clean out of all of your belongings you probably don’t want to just truck them all off to the garbage dump. Get in touch with local charities to see if they’re looking for any of the big ticket items you’re getting rid of. Bigger charities can usually send a truck around to pick up your larger items with a bit of notice, and it will mean a family that isn’t as lucky as yours will benefit from your move, too.

Another great option is to hold a yard sale. This is a really fun event for the whole family, and will give you a bit more cash to help with the move. Don’t forget to advertise in your local paper and online, or even put some signs up around the neighborhood. If you have some more specialized items, why not put them on ebay or take them to a good local pawn shop. It might seem like a lot of extra effort, but if it’s the difference between selling it for a few dollars at a yard sale versus hundreds on eBay… you get the drift!

Invest in some good materials

It’s a sad fact that moving can sometimes be a bumpy ride, and things can get lost or broken if you haven’t packed properly. If you can afford it, it’s much better to invest in new cardboard boxes specifically for moving, rather than gathering them all from the dumpster of a supermarket. Moving boxes are reinforced and made from strong cardboard, and are built for enduring a bit of a beating. When you’re packing heavy items like books, it’s best to use smaller boxes, because if you fill up a huge box with heavy items, you won’t be able to budge it when it comes time to lift it into the truck!

It’s wise to spend some money on decent tape that is sold for the purpose of packing and moving. You could buy the cheap stuff, but you’ll just be wasting time at the other end trying to scrub off sticky, poor quality adhesive off your treasured belongings. Although you probably can’t do away with tape for your move entirely, lots of people these days are using plastic stretch wrap to secure their items. It keeps drawers and doors in place and cords secure as well as protecting your items from dust and scrapes during transit. Use furniture pads to protect larger items. You could use comforters and towels, but these are really going to take a beating. If you purchase your own, you can always on-sell them after you move and make some of your money back.

Leave it to the pros

When it comes down to it, you can save you a whole lot of time and heartache by employing someone to do all the hard work for you. There are great packing and moving companies that can take you from a full house in one end, to a fully unpacked house on the other end, and if it means you don’t have to worry about it, that’s priceless. Especially if you’re moving overseas, you will probably need someone with experience who can help you navigate customs and all the accompanying paperwork. Find a moving company you can trust, who has good reviews online or who has been recommended by a friend who had a good experience with them. You’re trusting them with all your worldly possessions, after all!

Good luck with your move! It’s a mammoth job, and it’s really draining. But with these tips, you’ll surely have an easier time than if you were flying blind.



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