6 Ways You Didn’t Think to Prepare Your Home for Winter

6 Ways You Didn’t Think to Prepare Your Home for Winter
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    For many parts of the country, winter weather is already becoming a matter of everyday life.

    If the worst hasn’t hit yet, or you’re still wanting to make some last-minute preparations, you’re not entirely out of luck.


There are a few simple ways to make your winter less of a headache (and less of a burden on your wallet) that you might not have ever thought of.

Here are a few simple solutions for preparing your home for winter — tips you just might have never thought of until now!

1. Hot Water Bottles In Place Of Electric Blankets

If you want to save on your heating bill while managing to sleep through chillier nights this winter, then you are going to be a HUGE fan of hot water bottles. Simply boil water and fill up a few empty bottles. Place the bottles in your bed about a half hour or so before you are ready to turn in. The effect is a nice and toasty bed without having to spend a lot of money on an electric blanket (and electricity).

2. When You Can, Park Facing The East

What difference does it make how you park your car during the winter? If you need a great deal of snow to melt off your vehicle, it can make a surprising amount of difference. The sun rises from the east and sets in the west, so logically if you park your car in the direction of the sun, it will make it easier to get maximum exposure to sunlight. This will help speed up the rate at which ice and snow melt.

It should go without saying that you should avoid parking in the shade whenever possible as this may actually delay the rate at which snow melts.

3. Use A Gas-Powered Leaf Blower To Clear Light Snow

It turns out leaf blowers aren’t just for leaves! In addition to clearing your yard of fallen leaves, you can also use a gas-powered leaf blower to get rid of light snow. Clear the walkway, get the snow off your car, even clear the driveway.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, these leaf blowers are recommended for LIGHTER snowfalls, an inch or less. You don’t want to be out in several feet of snow with a leaf blower. Also, temperature is very important. Once it gets above 32 degrees, the snow will be more apt to melt, making the process of blowing snow away more difficult.

4. Non-Stick Spray On Your Snow Shovel

At some point you may find you have far too much snow for the suggested leaf blower and find yourself forced to shovel out. To keep the snow from sticking, use any non-stick cooking spray to coat your shovel. This should help the shoveling process go much smoother than it would otherwise.

5. Car Stuck In The Snow? Kitty Litter May Help

If you find that you can’t get moving because there’s too much snow and not enough traction, consider using kitty litter. Putting some under the tires may help you get enough traction to get going!

6. Add an Electric Roof De-Icing Cable

Talking from personal experience, during my first winter (and it was a bad winter) in Pennsylvania my home started leaking inside by a corner of the roof. I thought it was just because the house was old and we were planning on renovating that section anyways. One of the Colebrook construction workers who did the remodel job that summer gave me the advice to buy heat tape or electric de-icing cords to string on the roof during winter to avoid future leaking. Not only do the heat cords or tape help eliminate heavy snow on the roof but they also make sure you don’t have any dangerous icicles hanging off your home.

As you can see, thinking outside of the box can help you save time, energy, and money. These tips may seem unconventional, but they may go a long way toward making life easier during the tough winter months.

Information Credited to James White from Homey Improvements.



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