5 Simple Home Improvements to Prevent Major Renovations

5 Simple Home Improvements to Prevent Major Renovations
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    Sometimes it seems easier to just let sleeping dogs lie when it comes to home improvement.

    However, there are some repairs that you shouldn’t ignore. Without proper maintenance and repair, these small issues can devolve into major problems for you and your wallet.


If you notice any or all of these problems in your house, don’t hesitate to fix them.

1. Leaky Pipes

A leaky faucet may do no more than cost you money when the energy bill comes (which, frankly, should be enough to motivate you to repair it) but other leaks—especially unseen ones—can cause major problems for you down the road. If you discover a leaky pipe (or other leak in your home), take care of it right away. Unattended leaks can cause water damage to your home’s foundation, and lead to mold growth.

2. Spiking Energy Costs

If you notice a huge spike in your energy bill, this can be a warning sign that there is something amiss. Inspect your hot water heater and furnace for any visible leaks or damages.


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You may have to flush out the water heater and clean the furnace to return them to normal efficiency. But for larger issues you may need to upgrade and fully replace them. However, ignoring these issues will only make them worse over time, so it is best to inspect and repair the problem early.

3. Gutters

Gutters may not seem like a major part of the house, but they play a big role in protecting your home from damages. That is why it is so important to regularly clean and maintain your gutters.

If your gutters are not properly maintained, debris can build up, weighing down the gutter and ripping it away from the siding. The weight of the buildup can also block water from draining properly, leading to water and even ice damage in the winter.

Moreover, insects love to nest in that moist environment, leading to annoying and problematic infestations of pests like termites, cockroaches, and ants. If you fail to keep your gutters clear, you may have to invest in a professional exterminator. 

4. Cracks

Cracks around the house, particularly in the foundation and mortar joints, should be repaired immediately. Over time, weather and fluctuating temperatures can increase the size and depths of cracks, opening your home to foundational and interior wall damages that can be extremely costly to repair. Inspect the perimeter of your house for any cracks and issues that may be problematic. If you do see any cracks, take time to caulk the crevices to seal your home from further erosion and damage.

5. Old AC Filters

Finally, make a point of checking your air conditioning filter periodically. An old or broken filter can lead to some messy problems for you and your home, including mold growth and health concerns. Most filters will cost under $25 to replace, so if you notice it is clogged or not working properly, get a new one.

Mold spores are hazardous to the health of your family, increasing allergies and potential breathing problems, such as asthma. Moreover, most home insurance doesn’t cover mold removal, so it will be a costly fix if you let the issue deteriorate to that point. Save yourself, and your family, a load of issues and get that taken care of right away.

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