Why You Should Update Your Kitchen Before Doing Any Other Renovations Around The Home

Why You Should Update Your Kitchen Before Doing Any Other Renovations Around The Home
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    For homeowners considering an extensive renovation, the common question is which room should be first on the list.


When budget or logistics make a complete renovation impossible, the kitchen should be the focus before tackling other rooms in the home.

Overall Expense

The kitchen is considered the most expensive space in the home to remodel or renovate. This can easily be attributed to any number of factors, including professional design services, fixtures and appliances, custom work, and specialized materials. An extensive kitchen renovation will prove to be a considerable expense. Homeowners are encouraged not to cut corners, as this will only lead to a finished project that fails to meet expectations. When budget is an issue, homeowners should focus their efforts on the kitchen. Once this space is complete, the rest will seem easy by comparison and won’t force you to go over your total budget.

Floor Plan Changes

Extensive renovations may call for floor plan changes, especially in the kitchen. While many homeowners are satisfied with a basic facelift, most kitchen projects are focused on making the area larger and more efficient. By tackling the kitchen before working on adjacent rooms, homeowners are able to expand the kitchen’s foot print without the risk of affecting a recently renovated space, like a living room, foyer, or den area. When the kitchen is a priority, space might be taken from surrounding rooms to complete the project.

Other Modifications

During an extensive kitchen renovation, it may become necessary to upgrade plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems in order to accommodate the proposed changes. If these upgrades are complicated, they might require minor demolition or renovation in other areas of the home. For a space as complicated as the kitchen, it’s best to handle that particular renovation first in the event that other rooms are effected by house-wide upgrades.

The Hub Of Activity

It’s no secret that the kitchen is the center of family life. It’s the one place where everyone gathers and shares their day, even while they’re passing through to another room in the home. A newly renovated kitchen will bring nothing but positive change to how family members interact with one another. Whether the size of the space is increased or it’s made to be more comfortable and inviting, renovating a kitchen means creating a space that everyone will enjoy.

An extensive kitchen renovation takes time, energy, and a significant budget. Making the kitchen a priority allows homeowners to focus their efforts on the most important space in the home without worrying about dwindling funds or lack of enthusiasm.

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