5 Ways to Prevent a Plumbing Catastrophe

5 Ways to Prevent a Plumbing Catastrophe
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    A simple preventive program can go a long way in preventing a plumbing disaster from happening in your home.


It is usually more practical to spend a little money on preventive measures than spending a lot of money on replacing the entire plumbing system. Here are 5 golden tips to stop you from paying for plumbing damages when you could easily avoid them.

Cover Exposed Pipes

Home owners think that the pipes that are found outdoors are the only ones susceptible to freezing, which isn’t the case. When water freezes, it expands and bursts the pipes. Here is how to prevent this:

  • Get insulation material and wrap exposed pipes, both inside and outside the house.
  • Open cabinet doors to allow warm air to penetrate indoor pipes.
  • Close any holes or spaces that let in cold air that might encourage freezing.
  • Open faucets to a slow drip, the drops keep the water in circulation, which prevents freezing.

Burst pipes are a headache costly; this is why you need to make sure freezing doesn’t occur in the first place.

Use Proper Waste Disposal methods

One of the causes of plumbing disasters is clogged toilets. Clogging usually occurs as a result of paper towels and sanitary products that find their way into the toilet. These build up over time and end up blocking your drain. Make sure you throw these into the trash can, to avoid clogging. 

Identify Cracks and Burst Pipes

Burst start as tiny cracks. You can identify cracks due to leakages in pipes and other plumbing utilities. Always be on the lookout for signs of cracks before they become unmanageable. Bursts are easily visible because they have become extensive. Cracks and bursts are common in old plumbing systems. This means that when you buy a home or you plan to renovate your current home, make sure you put plumbing as one of the priorities.

Identifying cracked pipes might not be easy for you, because some of the pipes are hidden from view. This is when you need an expert to do the job for you. The expert uses advanced imaging technology to identify cracks in pipes that aren’t exposed, or are hidden out of sight.

Monitor Your Water Heater

Cracked water heaters can lead to flooding. You need to identify the signs of a faulty water heater early enough. According to Plugged Piper Drain Service, signs include leaks, noise from the heater and a strange smell. You need to check the heater periodically to notice these issues, and call in an expert to have the problems fixed.

Work With Professionals Only

Whenever you detect a plumbing problem, you need to call in a professional to handle the situation. Working with a professional eliminates the need for trial and error, because of the experience the professional has. You can also call in a specialized plumber depending on the problem you are experiencing.

How Do You Gain?

Preventive maintenance helps you avoid the costs of handling a bigger problem. For instance, leaving your pipes to freeze continuously leads to more costs due to a burst pipe.



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