5 Home Repairs to Make before the Fall

5 Home Repairs to Make before the Fall
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    Summer is the best time of year for family vacations, day trips, and hiking and camping.

    It’s also one of the best times to take care of home maintenance tasks, especially exterior repairs.


The warm, temperate weather offers plenty of time for repairs to be performed safely and thoroughly (before they become fall or winter emergencies). Take a break from your fun plans this summer to take care of these home repairs before the cold weather hits.

1. Service Your Heating System

The best time to service your heating and cooling systems is well before they are needed. If you wait until the first snow day to test your heater, you may find yourself stuck with a blocked furnace before you can get a technician to your home.

Clean or replace your furnace’s air filters before the end of the summer. You will also want to do a visual inspection and test run of your heater. If you notice any issues, or it’s been a while since the system was tuned up, have a technician come and evaluate the efficiency, safety, and condition of your heater.

2. Patch Your Roof

You can get away with a leaky roof during the dry summer months, but you may regret postponing the patch job when autumn hits. To avoid flooding, and water damage, take care of your roofing repair early.
Inspect your roof visually from the inside first. Look for any wet spots or air leaks. If you have a wood shingle roof, you’ll be able to see daylight through any gaps. Once you’ve pinpointed the trouble spots, replace any missing or broken shingles.

Leaks can also be caused by damaged roof flashing (the metal that connects the planes of your roof). Check that there isn’t any broken or missing flashing. If there are cracks or gaps, repair them with roofing concrete or caulking. If you aren’t sure you can identify or complete the needed repairs yourself, call in a professional roofer to safeguard your house against the upcoming wet weather.

3. Resurface Your Driveway

Whether you have an asphalt or concrete driveway, summer is the time to make any needed repairs. Temperate summer weather allows a bigger time window for repairs that require curing, like paving and painting. This is why you’re more likely to run into road work in Vancouver and other big cities during the summer than at any other time of the year.  You can take advantage of the season for your own driveway repairs.

According to experts, it’s important to patch up cracks and pot holes as they appear. These defects can

  • increase the wear on your family vehicles;
  • endanger your children and pets; and
  • shorten the life of your driveway.

Before you begin resurfacing, power wash the driveway and evaluate the needed repairs. You can repair small cracks and minor pitting yourself using cement or asphalt mix from your local hardware store. If potholes and deep cracks have compromised the structure of your driveway, consider calling in a professional to remove the damaged sections and replace them.

4. Clean Out Your Gutters

Take advantage of the dry summer weather to protect your home from future water damage. Clear any debris out of your gutters and inspect them. All of the fasteners (spikes on the gutters and rivets on the downspout) should be secure. Replace any broken or rusted fasteners.
After you’ve inspected the rivets and screws, clean the gutters with a hose or power washer. Clean, sturdy gutters can prevent water damage, flooding, and collapsed or sagging gutters when the leaves (and rain) start falling.

5. Repair Your Deck

Re-sealing your deck and fixing any rotted segments requires a lot of time for proper drying. Take care of your repairs on a rain-free day in the summer so that your deck will be able to handle the increased moisture in the autumn and the weight of winter snows.

First, clean your deck thoroughly with a power washer. Use an epoxy filler to seal any rotted segments. Then apply a thin coat of sealant over the entire deck. In warm, sunny weather you only need to let the sealant dry for about 24 hours before you let little swimmers track pool water across it. The wood sealant will protect your deck through the rest of the summer and through the harsh cold seasons.

Take care of these repairs while the weather is temperate and the days are long so your home will be ready to weather the upcoming fall and winter seasons.



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