Safety Tips for Connecting Home Appliances

Safety Tips for Connecting Home Appliances
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    If you've just purchased a brand new over or dishwasher, you might be tempted to install it yourself.

    After all, it looks easy, right?


Well, here are some tips to help you do just that, safely and avoid making mistakes that will lead to costly oven repairs or repairs to your dishwasher:

Connecting an Oven

The average electric oven uses one of two basic types of adapters:  which are three- or four-pronged.  They connect to the center of the oven, but in the rear.  When you are connecting the adapter’s wires to the range’s make certain you thread the plug through the opening at the bottom, because you don’t want the panel to cut into them when you replace it.  This could sever the wires instantly or over time, so be mindful of this.

Also when you’ve finished making the connections and are pushing the oven back where it was, do not let it end up against the wall.  Leave some space because the plug can be damaged should the unit be pressed against it.  So now you’ve completed the process of connecting your oven without having to make any oven repairs in the process.

Installing a Dishwasher

Next we have some tips to help you install a dishwasher without making mistakes that can lead to expensive repairs.  If the dishwasher you want to install happens to be a Kenmore, then prepare yourself for a long haul.  It will take you roughly about two to three hours.

You begin by removing the wires from the electrical connection located beneath the dishwasher.  Take wire strippers and proceed to strip the ends of the colored wires you will find there connected to the power cord, white, black and ground.  Take the white wire from the dishwasher and twist it together with the white wire on the power cord.  Do this again with the other two wires.  Be careful not to make any mistakes that will lead to dishwasher repairs.

After you have connected the drain hose, adjusted the height of the dishwasher and installed the fresh water connection, then you can push the dishwasher underneath the counter.  Watch out for the water line and the sewer line, and also the power cord so that they do not end up being damaged.  Then install the anti-tip tabs that come with the dishwasher.

Start up the dishwasher but don’t try using it just yet.  Instead run it on empty for an entire cycle.  Carefully examine the area for any leaks.  If all is okay, then you have successfully installed your dishwasher without making any mistakes leading to dishwasher repairs.

Whether you are connecting an oven or dishwasher, or washing machine, or any other type of household appliance, what you have to do is read the instruction manual thoroughly before you even start.  Take your time and don’t try to rush through the process, be careful and pay attention at all times to what you are doing.  If you do these things you should be okay.  And if you are baffled or unable to do something, rather than cause any destruction, simply surrender and call an electrician. 

Mark Long is a residential electrician who has done oven repairs and dishwasher repairs along with a multitude of other home appliance repairs, and is considered an expert on the subject.  He has also written many articles on the topic.



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