Five Creative Ways to Introduce a Little “Green” Into Your Home

Five Creative Ways to Introduce a Little “Green” Into Your Home
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    Are you interested in reducing the carbon footprint that some people believe is the reason for recent climate changes?

    Would you like to save money while making your home more comfortable and eco-friendly?


Whatever your reason for checking into a "green" lifestyle, there is never a better time than today to help protect our environment and preserve our natural resources for future generations by taking simple and creative steps that lead to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Learn more about creative ways to introduce a little "green" into your home so that you can start making progress toward a greener tomorrow with these simple tips.  Sure, they may appear extremely simple, but they are effective and you’ll walk away knowing that you have done everything in your power to better the environment.

Five Tips to Help Create a "Green" Home

  • Reduce Energy Usage from Electronics and Other Energy Draining Devices: 

    Taking simple steps like using surge protectors throughout your home to stop electronics from draining energy when they are not in use, turning off lights and using the natural light from the sun whenever practical, and turning off televisions, computers, and video gaming systems when not in use can not only significantly shrink energy usage, but can save you massive amounts of money each year as well.

  • Save Water: 

    There are a number of easy ways to save water, and many of these small changes won’t even be noticed throughout your family’s day to day life. Using the dishwasher, for instance, can reduce water consumption by approximately 50% versus hand washing. Save up to 3,000 gallons of water each year by simply turning off the water while you brush your teeth.

  • Avoid Harmful Chemicals: 

    Harmful chemicals can not only destroy the environment, but can cause serious health issues for you and your family as well. Look for natural remedies and environmentally friendly commercial products when available. The EPA’s Design for the Environment Safer Product label signifies the absence of harmful chemicals in more than 2,500 products.

  • Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs:

    According to T. Simpson Roofing, taking simple measures like using energy efficient window coverings, adding insulation to your attic, raising your thermostat to 78 degrees in the summer and lowering it a few degrees in the winter, and using a programmable thermostat will significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs and energy usage. If you own an older air conditioning unit or furnace, consider replacing it with a more energy efficient system as soon as possible.

  • Recycle: 

    Believe it or not, recycling doesn’t just consist of saving aluminum cans. Consider recycling plastics, paper, and scrap metals as well. In some areas, recycling companies even pay you to turn over your recyclable goods. Recycling reduces our country’s landfills and replaces the use of many of our natural resources.

There is no time like the present to start reducing energy usage, saving water, avoiding harmful chemicals and recycling to help protect the environment and preserve our planet’s natural resources. It is important for consumers to remember that every little step taken is a step closer to a greener environment, and by following a few simple tips, we can be on our way to a greener tomorrow in no time.



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