DIY Projects for the Bedroom This Weekend

DIY Projects for the Bedroom This Weekend
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    If there is one room in the house where you absolutely want to feel calm and relaxed when you walk in, it is the bedroom.

    Clutter and chaos in the bedroom do not lead the way to a peaceful sleep at night.


The bedroom is also a room where you want your personal style to show. While your bedroom is doubtlessly already beautiful (after all, it’s your sanctuary!), you might have the desire to upgrade them. If you have a free weekend, any of these quick DIY projects are completely possible.

Turn the Lights Down Low

If you want to set the mood in the bedroom, lighting is key. Installing a dimmer switch is an optimal way to control how much or how little light you have in the room. While the thought of dealing with electricity is very intimidating, you really just need a few simple tools to complete the project.

If you truly have no desire to jump into the world of electrical work, adding a few candles to your bedroom is another perfect way to create a calm mood with lighting. Simply put together a beautiful centerpiece of candles for any flat surface (such as a dresser), turn the lights off, and light the candles for a romantic glow.

Give the Walls Something to Showcase

At first, plain walls may seem like they would be soothing, but there’s no reason to settle for boring walls when the right wall art can bring personality into a room without taking it over. Plus, wall art is not always framed pictures. This is where you really have the opportunity to let your personality shine. 

If you have scraps of fabric or paper leftover from another project, you can easily glue them into a frame and hang them on your wall. Wall decals are another form of wall art that are growing in popularity. You can install a decal in seconds, and if you change your mind or rearrange your furniture, the decals are easy to remove and reposition.

Provide a Focal Point for the Room 

The bed and headboard are usually the main focus of a bedroom. By simply installing a new headboard, you can completely change the look of the whole room. Home improvement stores sell complete headboard kits you can assemble and install. Or if you want something exceptionally unique, you can use unconditional material for a headboard. If you are really creative, you can even paint a headboard on your wall.

Cover Up Those Windows

Above all else, you want your bedroom to be a place of restful sleep. However, the bright rays of the morning sun can sometimes create the opposite effect. Hanging curtains not only blocks light from coming into your bedroom; they can also enhance your windows. Best of all, it’s perhaps the easiest project to undertake.

If you want a window to appear taller, install the brackets above the window frame. While you may focus on picking out stylish curtains, do not forget about the rod and hooks as well. The simple yet elegant details in a curtain rod can really pull a room together.

Break Out the Paintbrush

The time-tested method of creating powerful changes in just one weekend usually starts with a can of paint. An amazing transformation can occur in a room when you add some color to white walls. This is something you’ll want to do periodically with an older home or maybe even immediately if you’ve purchased a new home like the ones at Steiner Ranch, Austin, for example.  

Right now, radiant orchid is a very popular color. If you are not brave enough to paint a room this color, there are more subtle ways you can add it. The inside of a dresser drawer is an unexpected place to add a pop color. Also, a new coat of paint can bring an old and worn out piece of furniture back to life.

When you’re thinking about quality bedroom improvement ideas, you do not have to immediately run out and buy large and expensive furniture. Sometimes, a bit of money and one weekend are all you need to spruce up the look of your bedroom.

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