How to Win a Home Makeover Contest

How to Win a Home Makeover Contest
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    It is entirely possible to have your home renovated and not pay a cent for the work.

    No, this isn't a government program that I'm talking about, rather it is one of many contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes offered by popular TV shows, magazines, and home improvement companies.


Certainly, not everyone that enters these contests will win, but with some pluck on your part and a bit of luck, your pending home renovation project could gain national exposure.

Home Makeover Overview

If you follow HGTV, read Elle Decor or shop at one of the big home improvement stores you can’t help but note that some people get their homes renovated by professionals for a low cost, even for free. Home renovation is big business and the audience for these shows and promotions is huge.

Simply by tuning into HGTV you can learn about makeover programs and the people that win them. Others offering sweepstakes include the Pottery Barn, This Old House, Better Homes & Garden, and the Hallmark Channel to name just a few. Perform a web search for “home makeover contest” and review the current sweepstakes and application instructions.

Take Photos…Lots of Them!

What helps make the case for prize seeking homeowners are photos. Whether you are looking to have one room renovated or an entire house, you need to take scores of photos. You won’t be submitting the entire lot, rather you will choose from among the best and submit those.

It is advisable to take a variety of photos, concentrating on small sections of a room as well as on the entire room itself. For full renovations, you will need to take many exterior shots, concentrating on the deficiencies present within the home. That may include peeling siding, nonfunctioning stairs, patched windows, and a crumbling foundation. You need to make a case of yourself and that is where photographs come in.

Choose Your Photos; Write Your Essay

Now go through the photos that best reflect what you want to have done. Print these photos out on your copier or send your picture to a one-hour development service such as Walgreens to obtain your pictures. Make a copy for yourself too.

Likely, you will have to write an essay explaining why you would like to be considered for a home makeover. Follow the instructions carefully and be passionate, but not pathetic in your appeal. Follow the instructions closely on how to forward your application with the attendant photos and essay. Be mindful of deadlines with an eye toward easily beating each one.

Enter Again and Again

Plan on entering multiple contests. These contests are held throughout the year and may close months before the programs air on television.

You should also know that some contests are not televised. Instead, you can learn about them when visiting your Lowe’s, Home Depot, hardware stores, or other retail outlet. Sometimes, you will find a product display promoting a sweepstakes or a contest; follow the instructions to apply and enter another contest.

Watch and Read

Likely, you don’t need encouragement to watch the shows and read the stories of home makeover prize winners. Nevertheless, following these shows and stories closely can reveal much about what the contest providers want in a story line. A sense of personal desperation plays well, but it must be authentic.

To get the attention of the review committee, your story must be compelling, interesting, entertaining and potentially life changing. Meet the criteria and you stand the chance of receiving your room renovation or extreme makeover, and all the attention that comes with it.

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