7 Reasons to Build a Patio in Your Backyard

7 Reasons to Build a Patio in Your Backyard
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    There are backyards and there are backyards.

    Homeowners who realize how privileged they are to own a backyard have long ago turned it into an organic garden or into an oasis of peace by implementing various features.


Whether it was a hammock or a fire pit that you threw into your garden, don’t you have the feeling that something is missing? The final piece of the puzzle is the patio area that your backyard is desperately in need of.

However, a patio is a costly investment, so you might ask yourself why I would need a patio in the first place. It is not because of the garden set as it can be placed anywhere in the backyard. Well, it is about the garden and about many other problems that you weren’t are you had in the first place. In other words, no garden is complete without a sizable patio erected in it.

An Integral Part of the House

When observed from outside your property, the patio area looks as if it belongs more to the house than to the yard. This is not without reason, as the roofing of the patio needs to be connected to the house for stability reasons.

Furthermore, the deck, floor tiles, and the rails usually match the exterior of the house for aesthetic reasons. Finally, during the months that it’s favorable to sit outside, which is mostly in spring and fall in Australia, you use the patio as an integral part of your house.

This all means that in terms of functionality, the patio belongs to the house rather than the backyard, so you are basically expanding your living quarters.

Once it is completed, you won’t look at the patio as just another garden feature but as an extra room in the house. The best thing is that potential real estate agents and buyers will share your opinion, thus increasing the market value of your home.

A Modern Mead Hall

Throwing a barbecue in your backyard is the perfect opportunity for the whole family to get together, sit down, and talk. Of course, you are going to need a seating area but the problem with most yards is that they usually lack enough space (and chairs) for the whole family to sit down together as one. Without proper seating, your summer holiday reunion will turn in a shabby reception devoid of intimacy where people will stand in different corners of the yard chatting to one another.

A patio allows for a large group of people to sit together shielded from sun or rain and eat or converse together as one entity. Culturally speaking, a patio matches the function the mead halls had in the Viking era, bringing large groups of people together. Even you prefer solitude; the patio will become the social hub of the backyard that you can enjoy with your spouse if no one else.


A One-Time Investment

A fountain in the backyard is nice but its nozzles can jam and then you need to call the plumber. Bonsai trees are also a nice touch but you need to trim them several times each new season. A patio is rather simple in design which means there aren’t many parts that can fall to disrepair if you build it correctly the first time. Perhaps a floor tile will crack here and there and you may need to replace a shingle or two after a hailstorm but in general, a patio is a zero-maintenance investment!

On the other side, this does not mean that you should be stingy when investing in the patio because the quality of materials and the work put into its construction need to be top-notch. If you can find conscientious handymen that can acquire good-quality wood, stone, and metal, you will be sure that the patio will last for decades without the need for major repairs.

Controlling the Flow of Rainwater

Without a patio, all the rainwater from your roof goes directly into the ground and the sewer below. This means that during heavy showers pools of eater might form in your garden and then drain into your basement because the sewer pipes can overflow. With the creating of a patio area, the roof structure will firstly benefit from additional structural support and secondly, water will flow directly into the drain. Because the floor of the patio is predominantly flat, there will no puddles as the water will flow away faster.


A Patio Pool? Why Not!

Speaking of water and the patio area, many homeowners decide to shrink the seating area and instead introduce a swimming pool in the patio area. No matter how this choice might seem at first, it is quite logical. Firstly, the pool area is only an extension of the patio, with the table and chairs still being covered by a roof. Secondly, if your backyard is small in size, then you are actually saving on space by integrating the swimming pool in the patio area since both spaces require floor tiles.

Like we stated earlier, a patios is more part of your house than the backyard, so you can go swimming even if the weather outside is not ideal, As the heating from the house will indirectly heat the water in the pool. Furthermore, you can enjoy all the privacy you wish, as your backyard probably has a hedge around it.

An Upgrade in Design

Besides all the practical elements to erecting a patio, this structure has design value as well. Ever since the patio evolved from the Roman concept of the atrium as the inner yard, it has had an enormous impact on exterior design of buildings. In architectural terms, it has given the backyard an opportunity to become more prominent when compared to the front yard that used to receive all the attention. In other words, everyone can see your front porch but only a privileged few will get a chance to enjoy in your wonderfully ornamented backyard patio.

These are all reasons why patio experts have to be hired and consulted because there are no patios alike since every homeowner want to have a unique patio design. This usually concerns the wooden support beams that can be wonderfully carved or the design of floor tiles that as the power to bring a touch of Orient into your backyard. Whatever design that you decide on, remember that it should reflect your idea of the perfect design for the exterior of a house.


All Year Round

Most patios come with a roof structure, whether it’s fixed or retractable. Regardless of the type of roofing, the patio enables you to use the backyard pretty much all years round. It is as effective in protection against the scorching summer sun, as it stops pesky rain during the fall season. You are also protected against snow and falling leaves, so you basically get an outdoor space that you can use in all weather conditions. This is ideal for smokers who do not wish to light a cigarette inside the house but hate opening the window.

We hope that after these 7 convincing reasons why you should build a patio your garden will no longer exist without one. You don’t have to be extravagant and have a patio pool but a nice floor design and wood carvings will ensure that you spend many pleasant hours in your backyard, under the protection of the patio.

Bio: Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.

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