What to Look For In a Quality Pool Filter

What to Look For In a Quality Pool Filter
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    The filter is an indispensable part of a swimming pool.

    It is through this piece that harmful substances that would otherwise contaminate the pool and make it an unfit place in which humans can swim.


Water filters come in many different forms and the kind that you get should depend on the environment in which you live as well as on the needs of your particular pool. More important, there are certain qualities that you should look for in any pool filter, regardless of its type or the type of pool you have. Several of the qualities are outlined below.

It should perform its job well

Anything that you buy for the purpose of performing some sort of work, whatever that may be, needs to do that job perfectly, just as an employee who is hired for any job will be valued on the basis of how well he or she performs the tasks that the job requires. This is the number-one thing for which you should look in a pool filter: If after you have installed it in your pool you have a pleasantly clean place in which to swim, then you know that your filter fulfills that criteria.

Before buying the filter, find out about the return policy of the store from which you are getting it. They should have a 100 percent money-back guarantee; anything less than that and you should look elsewhere for a swimming pool filter.

It should last for a long time

Since you spent so much money on your pool filter, you naturally want it not only to do its job and do it well, but also to last for a long time. You do not want to have it become rotten in a few weeks and find yourself having to “throw in good money after bad.” Again, ask about the warranty on the product. A good pool filter can last for ten years or more without having to be replaced.

It should be a low-maintenance product

All pool filters need to be cleaned out periodically so they do not get clogged with the debris that they are designed to keep out of the water, but some need more frequent and/or more vigorous cleaning than do others. Read the instruction manual to find out how often to clean a filter and what procedures to follow, or ask the store personnel to help you with this part.

It should be the right size

In general, the larger a swimming pool is, the larger the filter that it will need. If you have a very large pool then you will want to install a filter that is especially large, high-quality and long-lasting. Every pool filter is sold based on the square area of the pool so before you go out filter-shopping, be sure to measure the dimensions of yours. Also keep any old filters so that you can use them as a guide.

It should be suited to your type of pool

More specifically, the deciding factor is whether your pool is above ground or in ground. A cartridge-style filter (descriptions of the various kinds are given in the next section) may often be the best choice for an above-ground pool, whereas with an in-ground pool you have more options, such as sand or diatomaceous earth (DE).

Advantages and disadvantages of each type of filter

Each kind of filter has its own advantages and disadvantages that should be weighed before the final purchasing decision is made. A cartridge filter, which uses paper to catch debris, is the easiest to maintain but does not work as efficiently as other types. It should be removed and hosed down every few months and replaced after six months to a year.

Maintenance of sand filters, at a minimum, consists of backwashing it once a week and changing the sand every three to five years. DE filters, which are made of ground fossil material, filter out smaller particles than cartridge or sand filters but require frequent backwashing and have to be replaced several times a year. Your store should have experts who can help you pick out the best filter for your pool.

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