The Post-Remodel Expenses You Should Plan for (but Probably Haven’t)

The Post-Remodel Expenses You Should Plan for (but Probably Haven’t)
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    So its happened—the last worker and contractor has come and gone, the last hardware store run has been made, and your home remodel is done with everything covered and under budget.

    Or has it?


It’s easy to budget for the changes you’re making to your home when you anticipate for the overall cost of renovation. Easier to forget are the expenses that come once the plaster is drying. Here are five post-renovation expenses that everyone remodeling ought to at least consider when drawing their budget.

Ongoing Maintenance Supplies

Ideally, once the remodeling work is done, your home will stay as pristine as the day it was all complete. But, as you probably know, the world is not a wish-granting factory and life happens.

As such, you’ll need to keep supplies on hand to maintain the hard work you’ve either accomplished yourself or paid for—whether that’s extra paint, extra parts, or an emergency can of spackle and a putty knife. Having it on hand will save you the stress of running out to a hardware store to get it when the need arises; if you can fix it, you’ll be less stressed out or upset about the whole situation.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

This one may already be part of your overall remodeling plans—change begets and spurs more change. However, in that same vein, you may not have thought of it until you see how much better the room looks opened up, or with more light in it, or however you’ve changed it—and suddenly, now you think of it, you might as well change the boring beige it’s been all this time.

The truth is that remodeling fundamentally changes a room and a home, and you can’t know how precisely you’ll want it to look as a result until it’s actually to that point. So make sure you have enough money set aside for that moment when you find yourself saying “you know, now that I think about it, mint green…”

Cleaning Up

Ideally you’ve had the work done by professionals who clean up after themselves. But (1) not all craftsmen are created equal, (2) you may have done everything yourself, without the easy access to clean-up that professionals have, and (3) you may decide after the renovation that the house could use a deep clean as part of its transformation.

Be prepared to call a professional carpet cleaning service, or other cleaning agency (depending on your needs), because you may need or at least desperately want to do some carpet or upholstery cleaning. Whether you need just a spot of carpet cleaning in Fresno or a professional maid service for the whole house, be sure to budget something for getting the house ready to be lived in again.

Dealing with Odors

Sometimes the odors of home renovation, while harmless, are unpleasant and unavoidable. With the subjectivity of smell, what your contractor may not have been able to warn you about is your own hatred of the way plaster, wood stain, or new paint smells. Everyone has their particular “ew” smells.

If it’s harmless and there’s nothing to do but wait until it passes or dries, be prepared to budget for one, all, or a combination of the following:

  • A way to cover the odor (air fresheners, candles, etc.)
  • A way to speed the drying or smell removal (typically fans)
  • A way to avoid the odor until it passes (going out to eat, going shopping, or, in extreme cases, staying in a hotel)


You probably renovated with your current décor in mind, but change begets change, so you may find yourself changing more than just the paint.

While a major change like new furniture should probably wait, be prepared to go out and buy other pieces—a mirror, new picture frames, and other smaller pieces to change the look of a room are common purchases after a renovation.

You can’t plan for everything that will happen, but you can be prepared if you need to spend a little more once the renovation itself is complete.

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