3 Tactical Home Renovations to Help Beat the Heat

3 Tactical Home Renovations to Help Beat the Heat


Living in Mediterranean regions such as Southern California, tropical climates around Florida, or deserts like in Arizona seems like insanity if you had presented the idea a couple hundred years ago.

Imagine living in these areas without the modern comfort of air conditioning.

But … we made it work.

In fact, these areas are booming in population – especially around the San Diego area.
Surely they know something that helps them survive the harsh temperatures of the summer months.

The question becomes: what can we learn about beating the heat from these inhabitants of the area?

1. Stay Cool in the Shade

A solid investment toward long-term energy savings is through strategic placement of trees.
Take a look at the houses in the areas mentioned and you’ll notice it’s very common to have a variety of trees surrounding the house. The shade provided by these trees does wonders for keeping the home cool when the sun is out.

Large trees and foliage can be troublesome for the DIY crowd in terms of moving. You have the monumental task of getting them planted. For these reasons it’s worthwhile to set a budget to go toward equipment rental for items such as loaders, forklifts, chainsaws, or even an excavator. Of course, you’ll want actually know how to use these items but there are plenty of ways to find contractors that will know how to operate them.

The cost of this addition to your home can range between $300 – $3,000 depending on the type, maturity, and size. However, it’s a solid investment for your home to beat the heat plus it gives it a wonderful look, too!

2. Consider a New Paint Job

The most inexpensive, easiest way to renovate in order to beat the heat? Repaint the roof.

The idea is one you can easily wrap your head around. Imagine the difference when you’re out in the sun wearing a black shirt versus a white shirt. The darker colors absorb more light which means you’re heating up far quicker than lighter colors which help reflect light.

There have even been many studies on the topic of cool roofs, too. From one of the reports:

“Cool roofs have worked for thousands of years in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cities, where demand for air conditioning is low,” says Akbari. “If you have a cool roof on your house, that will reduce your energy use from air conditioning and it’s a gift that keeps on giving for many, many years, for the life of the roof.”

Visit your local hardware store and browse through the paint section. You’re likely to find paint that is highly reflective; it’s not too expensive either – making this an easy home renovation.

3. Seal and Insulate that Attic

Did you forget to check out the attic when buying or renting your home?

It’s okay, sometimes we forget about that area of the house – especially if we’re not using it regularly.
But … what we can do is take the time to renovate the attic to patch up any air leaks and add insulation.
Air leaks allow your cool air to slowly trickle out of the home which results in your air conditioner needing to constantly run. Likewise, poor insulation won’t allow your heat and coolness to stay in the home for long.

Resource: EnergyStar.gov has made a DIY guide to sealing and insulating attics.

The cost of sealing and insulating the attic comes at a relatively low cost and can be done in a very short amount of time. This is one home renovation that should be at the top of your list if you’re feeling the heat.



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