5 Tips for Taking the “Rush” Out of Renovations

5 Tips for Taking the “Rush” Out of Renovations
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    Renovations are fast becoming part of the “Australian and American Dream”, with many younger couples buying lower-quality houses at a younger age and then renovating as the years go by to keep their house modern and adjust for new family members.


This is quickly becoming the way to go for younger couples entering the housing market, and as such there are many ways you should, and should not, go about renovating your house.

So, what are the best ways to keep your building schedule running smoothly? How can you avoid falling into the trap of a house forever half-built?

Aside from hiring a reliable contractor, such as DLL Contracting, how can you stay on track? With the help of this article and some work beforehand, your renovations should stay on track and you should be able to sidestep the dreaded “renovation rush”.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead might seem like a no-brainer to anyone seriously considering renovating their homes, but the finer points of planning ahead might be lost of more people than you’d think. Preparing yourself for the many facets of a renovation begins with putting pen to paper and writing down exactly what you want to change and exactly how you plan to do it.

After this, you should examine each point you’ve written, and expand on it on a separate page. You will most likely end up with several pages of written plans, and that is a much better starting point than no plan at all. If you can, take note of the materials you’ll need and find some cost lists for them to give you an idea of what kind of bill you’re in for.

Allow Time

Renovations don’t happen overnight, and giving yourself a short amount of time to complete them isn’t a great idea. With anything as complex as a series of renovations, things are bound to go wrong, and when they do the short amount of time you’ve allowed yourself suddenly has to accommodate fixing a mistake as well.

Give yourself more time than you need to allow for those bumps along the way, and you’re much less likely to run over schedule. If you have more than enough time, the worst case scenario will be you completing your renovations on time. The best case scenario will be you running ahead of schedule for the length of your renovation, and finishing earlier than predicted.

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Collect Resources Beforehand

Collecting resources before you need them is a good way to reduce delays in the process during those crucial days and weeks during construction. Buy the tiles for your new ensuite before even starting to knock walls down, have everything ready to go before the first day of building so you won’t be set back by things like a store running out of the specific paint or bricks you need exactly when you need them.

Research Contractors

The contractors you choose to work with will be the ones who are constructing the very roof above your heads in some instances, and as such, need to be trustworthy. Find reviews online, speak to past customers, and definitely meet the people beforehand to get a feel for them. The majority of contractors are trustworthy and honest, but the few who aren’t can end up costing you thousands more than you intended to pay.

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Make a Timeline

Finally, you should make a timeline of the build, ahead of construction taking place.

When you have a plan, and you have your resources, make a timeline day-by-day of what you need to have done and when by. This will allow you to effectively gauge where you are in your plan and during your construction, and will help you plan for each new step of the procedure.

Renovating is the way to go when your budget doesn’t allow for a lavish mansion, but you still want all the comforts of one.

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