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5 Steps to Finishing a Room That Should Definitely be DIY Projects

5 Steps to Finishing a Room That Should Definitely be DIY Projects
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    There are people who are talented enough to build nearly their entire house on their own, while some do not even like to entertain the thought of the simplest steps.

    Chances are that if you are building or finishing a room, you are like the average person and are somewhere in the middle of the road.


You are comfortable with home improvement, but you are not what anyone would consider an expert, and you do not like to fiddle with the more complex elements of the process like electric and plumbing. That’s where most of us are in our pursuit of becoming the ultimate do-it-yourself master.

This list is for that type of person; someone who has some skill, but perhaps is not sure exactly which steps they should take on themselves and which ones they should hire help for.

We will discuss five areas of building and finishing a room that can and should definitely be handled on our own.

1. Painting – Though it can be tedious and somewhat time consuming, painting a single room is a fairly simple and straightforward process. Most thrifty homeowners have no problem with this step, therefore it’s a great way to save a few hundred dollars by not having to pay a professional painter to come in and do it for you. The only way that makes sense, is if you just do not have the time to invest in doing the paint job yourself. If that’s the case, you probably should not be doing any of it on your own.

2. Choosing and Hanging Lights – When dealing with light fixtures, particularly the variety that hang from the ceiling, the instructions that come in the box with the light itself are very straightforward and easy to follow. You will have just a few wires that are easily matched up, and even with little electrical experience, you will be fine to cut off the breaker and wire those up yourself.

3. Putting up Closet Shelving – Unless you are really picky, closet shelving does not have to be perfect. Most of the time you can go with a simple wireframe or wooden shelf that will usually come with the hardware necessary to hang it. Once you have everything measured, go buy your materials and use your power drill to install the shelves. Even for a larger closet, this project should not take too long to complete. Doing this early on in the process can also give you some added storage space to get the rest of the room organized.

4. Choosing and Adding Electrical Faceplates – Faceplates for your switches and outlets are as simple as picking them out and screwing them onto the metal framing that houses the wiring. Be careful not to make contact with your screw driver or drill on any of the metal casing or wires, or just opt for turning off the breaker.

Even if you try to leave this step to your electrician, he might not be willing to do it, since there’s nothing that’s electrical about it. Don’t even buy the plates until the rest of the wiring is done, that way you can go in and put them on at your own pace and save the extra cost for time you might have been tempted to pass off to your electrician.

5. Adding Hardware for Window and Door Hangings – Putting up the hardware for curtains or just blinds is a fairly simple process that you can do on your own. Once you pick out the look and style that you are interested in, it’s just a matter of measuring and screwing them into place. While some people might pay an interior designer for this kind of work, a capable home improvement amateur will have no trouble getting job done on their own.


Deciding what you are capable of doing on your own can be some serious guess work at times, and a lot of what we learn is accomplished by taking on projects that we are ill-informed or know nothing about. Once we come out on the other side of that project, the second time around will be a lot easier because of how much we have learned.

Though there are definitely a lot of aspects involved with finishing a room that we should be able to handle on our own without doubting ourselves. These are the baseline tasks, so be sure and give some thought to your own abilities and expertise to see if you can add a few things to this list.

The more you can do on your own, the better for your personal finances.

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