How to Select the Best Extension Commercial Ladders?

How to Select the Best Extension Commercial Ladders?
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    Despite the versatility and ingenuity of some of the modern ladders with many hinges, which allow folding into a variety of patterns, most of us would opt for conventional ladders.


The basic traditional ladders include 2 or 3-ft stepladder, 6-ft stepladder for performing medium-height tasks and extension ones for high work. Whether you’re cleaning top shelves or painting, you need a ladder; there is absolutely no alternative that matches the significant usage of ladders.

Ladders are required for exterior maintenance and improvements that engage most of do-it-yourselves; here are few things that you need to know before purchasing and using extension commercial ladders.

What are They Made Of?

Most of the ladders are made of either aluminum or wood and they come with their own pros and cons. Since wood does not conduct electricity, these are best and safe when performing tasks using electrical tools or wiring. These are likely to blight the surfaces that they side down, incline or lean and usually cheaper than aluminum, which are easier to handle and lighter as well. The typical 24-foot wooden extension ladder weighs about 65 pounds in comparison to the aluminum ladder of same length, which weighs just 50 pounds.

Protective Tip on the Ladder

The ladder should have protective tip and if it doesn’t have one, then cut 4-in strips of heavy fabric and wrap it around the upper tip of both sides of the ladder. Fiber glass loft ladders are available, but quiet expensive than aluminum and wood and are mainly used by electricians due to their combination of strength and non-conductivity.

Extension Ladders and Their Grades

Extension ladders come in many grades- light-duty (Type3 or household), medium duty (Type 2 or commercial), and heavy duty (Type 1 or industrial) and now, even extra heavy duty ones are also available. The grade represents the working load of the ladder and how much it would support. The light duty ones can carry up to 200 pounds, while the medium duty and heavy duty ladders are meant for 225pounds and 250 pounds respectively and something above 270 would be handled well by extra-heavy duty grades.

These ladders are available in various lengths as well, starting from 16-ft to 4-ft in 4-foot increment. The longer the extension loft ladders, the more difficult to handle and costs more as well. One thing you need to take into account is that extension ladder won’t extend to their full length, but a ladder of 24-feet (total length) could be extended to about 21-ft. In short, the maximum expandable length of the loft ladder would be 3 or 4-ft lesser than the total length. One of the beneficial accessories for an extension ladder is U-shaped device, named stabilizer, which can be fitted to the ladder, making it safer and easier to work.

Materials and Structures

To make use of the ladder safely, one should understand the purpose and materials used in the ladders. A fiber-glass ladder is electrically non-conductive, strong, and has great value. The aluminum ones are lightweight, conduct electricity, and corrosion resistant, while wood ladders are economical, affordable, and electrically non-conductive, when dry and clean. Apart from the extension and standard stepladders, there are many other types, if your requirements vary. They can be utilized as stairway, regular stepladder or scaffold system support.

On the Whole

Commercial ladders should be handled with care, as faulty or improper use of ladder could lead to major injuries. When you’re using them, you should know how to climb them and what safety precautions should be taken.

You need to give sufficient training and information to the workers about how to use the commercial ladders safely. Do not overload and keep your feel on same step to avoid falling. Click here to learn more where to get quality commercial ladders.



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