For Roofers, Contractors, Painters and DIYers: Top Tips for Buying Building and Renovating Supplies in Bulk

For Roofers, Contractors, Painters and DIYers: Top Tips for Buying Building and Renovating Supplies in Bulk
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    The cost of building materials is a significant factor in determining the overall cost of a project.

    That means that knowing how to source what you want at the right price will make all the difference when you add up the final figures.


Whether you need to source custom tarps or want to know how to get your paint and other building supplies in bulk for less money, here is a look at some ways to get what you want for less.

Getting the best wholesale deals if you are in the trade

The simple tactic that brings the price down for your supplies, is to buy in bulk.

This obviously takes a bit of advanced planning as well as knowing what you are likely to need in terms of supplies over the next few months or so. There is obviously no point bulking up on a specialist paint that you only need for one particular job, but some materials will be regulars in your checkout basket, so it makes sense to see if you can get a better price by buying in bulk.

Buying in bulk will normally mean that you are going to be using a wholesaler like Nasus Supply, so it is well worth getting to know your local source of wholesale supplies, to see if you can get some regular discounts, or at least find out what sort of quantities or size of order you have to give, in order to get a keener price.

Keeping the cash flowing

If you are a small business, each job you do will likely have an impact on your bank balance, if you are buying in materials in advance and then billing the customer when the job is completed.

If you are working this way, what you don’t want to do is tie up too much of your cash in stock. This could create a potential problem if you are spending out hundreds of dollars and then find that you are not getting your money back in quick enough to keep the cash flowing as you would like.

Using up more money that you can afford to in stock, could end up costing you money if you use a line of credit to make these purchases, so do the math and work out where bulk buying will actually save money in the long run, and cost out each job, so that you know what profit you might be making, provided you manage to pay the right money for your supplies.

Flexibility is a great way to bag a bargain

Whether you are in the trade as a contractor or a keen DIYer, it pays to shop around and visit all your local stores on a regular basis, to see if there is a bargain to be had.

One example of how you can cut the cost of your remodeling project significantly, would be if you are prepared to be flexible on the finish or color that you want for the job. You will be pleasantly surprised just how many places that offer custom-color paint, tend to make the odd mistake when mixing them together, meaning that if you are prepared to be flexible on the finish, you might just get a suitable paint for considerably less than it should have cost.

Look out for a shelf where these paints will be offered at low prices. It could be that the color wasn’t quite right for the original order, but is ok for your purposes, or it might be that the wrong base paint was used. Whatever the issue, buying these cast-offs which basically don’t have anything wrong with them, could definitely slash the cost of your paint.

Bargain stores are always worth checking out

The stock varies at these bargain stores, so there is always the chance that you won’t find what you are looking for, but on the other hand, when a great looking tile or set of cabinets arrives, you could end up getting what you want for a lot less than more conventional outlets.

The basic message is don’t turn your nose up at bargain stores when it comes to finding a range of materials and fittings. If they are light fittings, laminate flooring, or anything else that you might need, at a bargain price, it make sense to take advantage.

However you manage to save money, whether it is by buying in bulk or sniffing out a one-off bargain, paying less for your building supplies is going to make a big difference when you add everything up at the end of the job.

Jillian Maise is a construction site manager who even wears the hard hat at home due to ongoing renovation work on her period property! She has just started writing articles relevant to construction, renovation and DIY and hopes her words will be useful to those reading this.

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