5 Great Reasons to Buy Second Hand Appliances

5 Great Reasons to Buy Second Hand Appliances
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    Changing your home appliances can be a rather overwhelming experience: you need to find enough time to search or ask around and see what's available out there that suits your needs.


And it’s not a secret that getting the best bang for your buck isn’t that easy when you’re buying new appliances. You have to keep in mind that it’s not just that they cost significantly more than second-hand appliances, but in some cases, these new utensils aren’t even the right option for you.

There are multiple different reasons why you should consider buying used instead of new appliances and, in this article, we’re going to cover some of them.

Think About the Environment

This is probably something that doesn’t go through many consumers’ heads, but it’s actually paramount that we start thinking/caring more about our environment.

When you’re buying brand new stuff each time they get broken or stop working, you’re (indirectly) harming the environment. It may sound excessive, but purchasing second-hand appliances can truly make a difference and save our planet.

When you think about all the landfills full of damaged or broken utensils, it really makes you wonder about the direction we as a civilization are heading to.

So, the next time you need new home appliances, we strongly encourage you to think about purchasing used appliances whenever possible. Opt for new things only if/when there’s really no other option.

You’re Obviously Spending Less Money

Even if you’re not as environmentally-friendly as you should be, there are more than enough additional reasons to back away from buying new appliances. One of the top motives can be the fact that you’re obviously spending (significantly) less money than you would if you were buying new utensils.

In most cases, you’d be able to get a serious discount on whatever you’re buying. It’s much easier to negotiate the price when you’re buying something used. Apart from that, some brands (like Bosch, for instance) offer really cheap spare parts for their appliances.

Just check-out some of the more trusted dealers such as Wholesale Appliance Supplies for example, and you should be able to get a fully-functioning appliance without having to spend a fortune on spare parts.

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In Some Cases, You’re Not Even Really Buying Used Appliances

For some appliances on the market, we should really redefine the term ‘used’. We say an item is used even if it’s just been out of the stock room. But this doesn’t have to include that someone else actually used it. In some cases, you could be looking at the item that was just the floor model at your local market. No one really used this item, unless you count people looking at it as ‘using’ it.

Other scenarios include appliances that were just delivered to home and instantly taken back to the store. There are myriad of reasons why this happens (the washing machine doesn’t fit properly, for instance), but whatever may be the case, you can take advantage of this situation and get a product that’s virtually brand-new.

You Can Get Help From an Expert

In some instances, when you decide to buy a second-hand appliance, there are appliance service companies that offer help throughout the process. If you think that this represents an unnecessary expense, we advise you to think again.

When you’ve already decided to buy used appliances (and you’re paying much less than you would be for brand new products), it’s really not that much to pay, let’s say, additional A$50 to someone who’s going to assure you that you’re buying good-quality second-hand products.

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Find Out If the Appliance Really Suits Your Needs

Another reason why you should consider buying used instead of new appliances lies in the fact that you can see first-hand if the product satisfies and suits your needs. If you buy second-hand utensils you’ll be able to see first-hand if the model is right for you. This gives you an opportunity to explore the brand or a product before making a decision to potentially spend more money on newer brand models.

other valuable tips:

For example, if you find out that your dishwasher or a washing machine is too loud, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll invest your money in buying that same brand once again. But if you buy these products second-hand, you’ll pay much less for them and you’ll pretty soon know it the appliance is actually right for you or not.

The Bottom Line

If you’re struggling with the decision whether to buy new or second-hand appliances, this article should provide you some insight into why it might be best to opt for used products, at the end of the day. You won’t have to spend a fortune on them and they have much cheaper spare parts.

On top of these things, used appliances are also more environmentally-friendly, you can get help from experts when trying to decide if the deal is good or not, and you can also pretty easily find out if the product or brand suits your needs.

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