What You Need to Avoid When Decorating With Faux Pas

What You Need to Avoid When Decorating With Faux Pas
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    You have the right furniture, the perfect accessories and vivid color on the walls.

    But does something not fit in? Is something not right?

    It could be because of one of the most common decorating problems. But do not worry!


Top designers reveal that everybody makes mistakes while decorating their place. The professionals do too! But what is important is realizing your mistake before it’s TOO LATE.

And some of these mistakes might be easier to fix than you think. So, let us look at some of the Decorating faux pas you should steer away from at all costs.

Using Inadequate Lighting

Lighting is undoubtedly the most important element in any room of your home. The general tendency is to light a room with one big, bright clicky wall switch. But the professionals recommend that the warmest way to light a room is in layers.

They believe that to change the mood of the room, one should consider using light from different angles and heights – a floor lamp, a table lamp, an accent lamp, task lighting, and overhead lighting.

Switching out light bulbs to softer ones can partially solve the problem by giving the room a pretty and warm glow. So, finding the right balance in terms of lighting is very crucial.

Not Measuring Things and Using Out Of Proportion Pieces

Whether you want to buy a sofa or a bed, do not start looking for furniture without first measuring the space. Always measure the space first to make sure the pieces fit correctly.

Measuring your space also relates to another mistake – using out of proportion pieces – which is very common. Measuring the space not only helps in buying furniture that fits the space. It also helps in picking proportions when choosing furniture and accessories for your place. Let me explain this further.

After you have finished shopping, you do not want your new furniture to fit in a way that makes your room look tiny or empty. A bed might look good in the store, but it can turn out to be too big for your room.  So, keep this in mind when visiting furniture stores in Adelaide.

If you want assistance in picking out the right furniture for your home, you can also reach out to professional designers in luxury furniture showrooms.

Buying Cheap Things

There is a big difference between cheap and inexpensive. There could be things that are inexpensive but not cheap. For obvious reasons, it can be tempting to buy furniture or other stuff on sale, but you should not compromise on quality and buy cheap things.


Saving money is good but when it comes to important things do not skimp on quality, and buy the best you can afford. It is always wise to invest more in quality items that are durable, than to get something cheap which you might have to replace in a short while.

Treating Each Room As A Separate Unit

The house should be treated as a whole unit comprised of different sub-units, i.e., the rooms. Although it is absolutely okay to want to decorate each room differently. But the rooms should relate to each other, and they need to maintain a certain level of connection throughout. Try not to exaggerate and decorate each sub unit in a bubble. Link the spaces through styles or colors so that your home does not feel disconnected or uneven.

To make sure each room has something in common, you can also consider taking professional in-home consultation from furniture shops in Adelaide.

After all, you will want your whole house to feel like home.

other valuable tips:


Chances are that everybody out there has made one or another of these decorating mistakes. But it’s time to look at the above-mentioned quick fixes so you can avoid learning the hard way. Remember, it’s never too late to improve your home decor!

Achieve Decorating Success With These Tips!

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