Simple Methods for Applying Fuel Efficiency in the Home

Simple Methods for Applying Fuel Efficiency in the Home
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    With fuel costing an arm and a leg these days, it makes sense to consider ways of reducing our energy bills and employing tactics which minimize our cash going up in smoke.

    The supplying companies seem to be only interested in profit so it is up to you as consumers to help yourselves.


Below we take a look at six ways we can set about saving some money and having a far more fuel efficient home.

Turn Down Thermostat

When it gets colder, it’s very tempting to pump up the thermostat and feel that lovely heat emitting form the radiators. As nice as that might be, you can get just as warm by putting on one of those nice thick jumpers you had stashed away from last Christmas. Combine this with a pair of thick socks and you are well on your way to saving a considerable amount of cash.  Reducing the thermostat by only 1.5 degrees, you will actually save 10% on your heating costs.


You are paying a fortune for your domestic fuel so the last thing you want is to see it escaping out of any gaps or openings. Post boxes are one of the biggest culprits for letting out the heat. You need to pop down to your local DIY store and buy some draft excluders to line any gaps. This also applies to keyholes. Make sure your skirting boards do not have unnecessary spacing between the wall and the floor. It also makes sense to have some underlay fitted when you get new carpets.


Sounds obvious but make sure you keep doors and windows closed. This is self explanatory. You should try to get some form of draft sealing where your windows are older to prevent heat loss. Weather stripping can be used to reduce the draft escaping from the window frames and this can reduce your heating costs by up to 20%. If your budget is slightly more adventurous, then you might want to consider installing UPVC windows.  This option is not cheap but you will notice the benefits almost immediately.

Turn Your Water Heater Down

Much like the thermostat, you can save a considerable about of money by reducing the temperature of your water heater. These heaters have a default setting of 140F. Putting it down to a temperature of 120F will be more than adequate for most people and more importantly, cut your costs by around 10%.

Share A Shower

Ok, this might not be appropriate for everyone but sharing your shower can save a considerable amount of time and money. This is a concept which many couples have embarked on and can be quite pleasurable. Of course if you like to keep your ablutions to yourself, then consider using a shower timer. These have proved to be rather effective and easy to install. They will also be a constant reminder that the hot water you are standing under is costing you money.

Heat One Room

There is no point thrusting heat into those rooms you are not occupying 24/7. If you are going to primarily be in only one room, then you should try turning the central heating off and investing in a heater. Many of the new fan appliances are perfectly capable of keeping your living room warm all day long even in the sharpest of winters.
These are just six sensible methods of reducing your energy bills in the cheapest possible way. Applying all of these will have a positive effect on your bank balance, both in the short and long term.



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