Exploring Garden Decor Ideas

Exploring Garden Decor Ideas
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    When we talk of decoration, we are talking about beautification.

    It is putting things around, or on, something with the intention of making it more attractive.


The things you use in doing this could equally be called decoration; but they are more known as ornaments. Garden decorations will involve ornaments used for the decoration, enhancement and beautification of gardens, parks and general landscapes.

As mentioned here, gardens in ancient Rome are about the earliest examples of garden ornaments and decoration found in the west. We have examples in the excavations made in Herculaneum and in Pompeii.

French formal gardens and their Italian Renaissance kin brought the use of created forms for landscapes and gardens to the fore. Since then, we have equally had kitsch interpretations and high art.

In Asia, garden ornaments have a timeless history, often operating with principles connected to Feng Shui; with ornaments often having symbolic meanings.

Decorating Your Garden

There are quite a number of ways to decorate a garden. While doing so, it is always better not to be too obvious; as there is always an appeal that goes with the natural feel. Your decision for decoration can help you in your shaping and using of the space you have outdoor.

Often, there may not be an exact plan of how to use our outdoor space, but thoughts about decoration can inspire us with several ideas. In turn, our new look outdoor space can leave a positive feel in us.

A beautifully designed iron gate can be the entrance of a paradisiac green world. A lantern hung on a tree can be reason to look up and explore upwards. Nice benches can lure us to take quick naps.

Positioning, aesthetics, practical designs, and such, can be subtle clues to visitors to pause, bend down, turn, look up, etc. They give your garden this perpetual complete look. Remember that the secret is not to make the decoration scream.

Go for a Blend

In certain ideas, you can make your home style match whatever you have in your outdoor space. Ornaments can match your indoor look to your outdoor look, giving you a feel of continuity from inside to outside and vice versa.

For instance, a stone-clad rustic entrance can be harmonized by setting atop pedestals of terracotta, matching iron urns. Within the entrance, the eye-catching theme that creates a cynosure can be the painting on the surface of a large stone of dolphins with delightful splashes. Decorated stones can line the path to the doorway, with grass on the path to afford a tender stroll.

Even with little landscape, a feeling of mystery and a sense of expansiveness can be added to a mere stroll by the imaginative creating of sequences in detached paths connecting steps and passageways. Paths signal the way.

Gates and iron arches indicate transitions into different areas. Palms, potted bougainvillea, citrus trees, perching finials can improve accent entries. Some have created journeys that started with an arbor by the house draped with wisteria, which winds downhill through terraces, down steps and along walks; this journey being made through an eye-catching theme of weathered stone.

For some tips on how to go about decorating your outdoor and landscape, you can check this article: https://www.thisoldhouse.com/gardening/21019414/18-tips-for-decorating-your-garden.

planter urnsarbor with planter pots

      some garden decor ideas to consider      

Remember that tables and chairs both come in styles that can have a huge impact on how your outdoor spaces appear. In your planning, you should make sure that their styles blend with other materials of decoration and ornaments you will use. In one instance, a complete set of rusted iron dining found in a potter’s yard was used in a casual lounge with matching chairs.

Think Aesthetics

Landscapes can be most beautiful at night. Well-positioned electric lights do not only light up paths, they interact with the trees and the glowing moon to create an unusual but pleasant romantic beauty.

Some decorators choose to hang graceful lanterns on tree boughs. This is usually in addition to lamps designed like streetlights that light up roundabouts. All these are made to blend beautifully with other lights fixed on the exterior walls of the house.

There are certain plants that are naturally aesthetic and architectural, or they can be made to appear architectural by pruning. Italian cypresses are one of such plants naturally endowed to provide guidelines for landscapes, usually appearing like rising green columns against hillside views.

Aside the Italian cypresses, you have the Agave rosettes. Contrasting the stiff and straight cypress, the Agave rosettes can tumble around and climb fountains and stone stairways. Other plants can be placed in pots where they could be appreciated much closer. Senecios, aeoniums, agaves and echeverias are some plants that can be placed close up at eye level for better admiration.

metal cranesmetal owl garden

      some YYY ideas to consider      

In garden decoration, always consider plant perfumes. Artificial containers oozing jasmine and honeysuckle from entryway urns, lemon blossoms sitting on giant containers, the night-glowing cereus in pots by dining tables are just few examples of plant perfumes that can give your garden an added relaxing but enticing feel.

Sound is another ornament to explore. Trickling water irresistibly lures you to explore, as you go about trying to track down the source of the trickles. An octagonal base fountain might be all you require to create such allure. Whistling pines, agaves that draw hummingbirds, the echo of cypress trees, and such, can provide pleasant audio experiences that can be relaxing and elevating.

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In Conclusion

Garden decoration can be as vast as your imagination can go. This can include ornaments such as bird baths, bird houses, stone columns, window boxes, flower vases and boxes, fountains, hanging baskets, gazing spheres, garden furniture, landscape lighting, lawn jockeys, moon bridges, outdoor fireplace, wind chimes, reflecting pools, sundials, and so much more. With some creativity, you can put that little outdoor space just in front of your home to very aesthetic use.

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