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Outdoor Structures

5 Unique Backyard Features to Enjoy as a Family

Tweet Below are five of the best ways to get your family together and enjoy your backyard space. Grills Grills are one of those features that never get old.  Because

Swimming Pools

How to Avoid Costly Swimming Pool Repairs and Other Pool Problems

Tweet Maintaining the water balance This is done by sanitizing the pool with chlorine. This chemical combines with bacteria in the pool to kill harmful contaminants. Once it combines with

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for June 28: Enjoying the Summer Heat

Tweet We hope your enjoyed this weekly tip. Perhaps you have something to share about your summer fun activities and vacation get-aways. We invite you to comment and share this

Outdoor Structures

How to Prepare Your Pool for Winter

Tweet Summer is over and pool winterizing remains. Colder temperatures signal seasonal change and if you own an outdoor in-ground swimming pool, you will soon need to winterize it. If