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Home Interior

How to Survive Your Home Renovation Project

Tweet Next up is for you and your family to pack up, leave the home and stay out until the work is done. If all goes according to plan, you

Home Interior

7 Home Renovation Tips

Tweet Read on and we’ll explore seven home renovation tips that you can employ as you make your desired improvements. 1. Outline your job. It seems so easy, doesn’t it?

Home Structure

7 Renovating Mistakes That Can Sink Your Project

Tweet Plan your home renovation project carefully. 1. Incomplete planning — You would think that a renovation project would be well planned, but some clearly are not. If you’re doing

Home Repairs

Community Volunteer Project: Critical Home Repairs

An aging population and a weak economy have combined to create a major problem in many neighborhoods: deferred home maintenance. Especially in cases in which an elderly or disabled individual lives alone

Home Renovation

Is Your Home Renovation Project a Disaster in the Making?

Tweet Let’s examine some of the key planning points as you consider your home improvement project, alerting you to possible problems that may arise and how to handle each one: