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5 Tips for Buying a Foreclosure

Tweet Yet, there are hundreds of thousands of homes that are currently in foreclosure with many more expected this year. And if you’re in Florida, Maryland, Illinois, Nevada or Utah,

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Cautions About Taking a Reverse Mortgage

When it comes to reverse mortgages, reading the contract’s fine print is important.

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Short Sale Considerations and Your Home

Millions of American homeowners are under water, owing more on their mortgages than what their homes are worth. If you are in a positive financial position where you can hold onto your home, then you may be able to ride out this present crisis.

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5 Options to Avoiding Foreclosure

Tweet If you’re faced with foreclosure, you may still have some options available to help delay or avoid that fate. Your chances of keeping the home may still be good

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Can You Justify the Purchase of a Foreclosure?

Tweet New home shoppers these days are being enticed by homes that are priced much lower than they were two, three and even five years ago or longer. The housing

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The Truth About Staying in Your Home Mortgage Free

Tweet You say that there isn’t anything in life that is free? Well, for millions of American homeowners, living in a home may be about the closest thing to a

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The Truth About Your Local Housing Market

Tweet Nationally, the housing market continues to show signs of further retreat as home prices slide and as additional homeowners find themselves owing more on their homes than what they’re