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Home Security

Sunday Morning Tip for November 08: Make Your Home a Sanctuary and Stronghold

Your home should be your sanctuary. It should also be a place where you feel safe.

Home Interior Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for August 30: Reasons to Befriend a Property Management Firm for your Real Estate

Managing a property isn’t easy, especially when there are dozens of other commitments to attend to. It requires not only handling timely rent collections but also setting the ideal rate, advertising and managing relationships with tenants among others.

Home Renovation Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for August 16: How to Create a Unique Look for Your Home Renovation

A home is a huge investment. As such, you should reinvest back into it from time to time to maintain the value of your home and make sure you and your family get the most out of it as possible.

Doors and Windows

The Lowdown On Your Windows and Energy Efficiency

Tweet Few of them realize that window insulation plays a key role in improving their home’s comfort and energy efficiency, and could also be costing them hundreds of dollars every

Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Sept 10: Exterior Home Siding

Tweet May We Suggest Some Key Topics on "Exterior Home Siding"? Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Your Siding Project 8 Steel Siding Design Ideas Siding Infographic: Siding

Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Sept 03: Doors and Windows

Tweet May We Suggest Some Key Topics on "Doors Windows Ideas"? Benefits of the Double Glazed Soundproof Doors That You Can Enjoy The Relationship Between Home Energy Audits and Window

Home Renovation

5 Extreme Home Makeover Projects to Leave to the Pros

DIY (do-it-yourself) home makeover projects are certainly in vogue these days. This is mostly due to the ever-increasing amount of cable TV programs dedicated to such concepts.

News Releases

Door Stop Didn’t Do Its Job? How to Patch Up That Brand New Hole in Your Wall

It’s a sickening feeling when you close the door and see the dent in the wall behind it. It’s even worse if the dent has developed into a knob-shaped hole.


Automatic Garage Door Maintenance Advice

Your home’s automatic garage door is operated by a system of tracks, pulleys, cables and related hardware. Besides the electronic control box itself, most parts are metal, of steel construction, and are subject to wear and tear.

Doors and Windows

Your Front Door Sets the Tone for Entertaining

An appealing entrance to your home sets the tone for a family get-together or holiday entertaining that provides fun and relaxation for your family and friends.