Door Stop Didn’t Do Its Job? How to Patch Up That Brand New Hole in Your Wall

Door Stop Didn’t Do Its Job? How to Patch Up That Brand New Hole in Your Wall
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    It's a sickening feeling when you close the door and see the dent in the wall behind it.

    It's even worse if the dent has developed into a knob-shaped hole.


If you’re lucky, your home warranty plans will handle all the repairs. Otherwise, you will need to perform this simple repair yourself.

Patching It Up

Tools and Supplies:

  • Utility knife
  • Sand paper
  • Scrap drywall
  • Drywall putty or joint compound
  • Drywall tape
  • Drywall or putty knife
  1. Cut out the damaged area with the utility knife, making sure the sides are straight and even. Removing 4-by-4-inch square is usually sufficient for a standard-size door knob hole.
  2. Trace the removed section onto the scrap drywall piece. Cut it out with the knife and test that it fits snugly in the hole.
  3. Sand the edges of the hole in the wall and on the patch lightly to remove any rough edges.
  4. Smooth on a thin coat of drywall putty onto the edges of the patch. Press a piece of drywall tape onto the putty, adjusting the tape so half of it overhangs the edge of the patch. Repeat on each edge of the drywall patch.
  5. Coat the perimeter of the hole with drywall putty. Put the patch in place and press the tape into the putty to secure it. Allow the putty to dry.
  6. Coat the entire patched area with a thin coat of putty, feathering it out around the edges so the patched area blends with the surrounding wall.
  7. After the putty dries, sand it lightly to remove any rough or bumpy areas. You can use additional putty to recreate any wall texturing.

Alternative idea: Instead of creating your own patch, you can purchase metal mesh drywall patches to cover holes. Install these just as you would a drywall patch. Mesh patches only work on holes smaller than 5 inches in diameter.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

After the drywall putty dries, you will be left with an obvious patch on the wall. Repainting it will make it blend in and disappear completely. A few tips before you paint:

  • Wash the entire wall with diluted bleach and water before you paint. Let it dry completely.
  • Make sure the paint you use has the same finish as the old paint. Using a gloss on a flat wall will make the repaired site obvious.
  • If the paint is more than a year old, or in an area exposed to direct sunlight, fading may have occurred. If the old paint is faded, the fresh paint on the patched area will stand out. It’s better to repaint the whole wall to ensure it all blends together.
  • Use a primer on the patch before painting, or use a paint with an included primer, to ensure best coverage.
  • Apply at least two coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next.

Prevent Future Damage

Doorstops will ensure that no fresh holes appear in your walls. You have two main options:

  1. Baseboard stopsThese rubber-tipped stops protrude from the baseboard and prevent the door from reaching the wall. You will need to drill holes in your baseboard to install them. They do protrude out from the wall, so they can become damaged over time.
  2. Rubber knob stoppers These come in flat or rounded designs. They attach to the wall directly behind the door knob, so there isn’t anything protruding into the room. They are usually self-sticking, so they cause no damage to the wall other than minor paint damage. You can purchase these stoppers in a variety of colors so they can match the surrounding wall.

Don’t live with a hole in your wall. Not only is the damage easily fixed, it’s also easily avoidable in the future. This is really something that should be a part of your home maintenance checklist (and these should be too). A quick repair now will prevent further, ongoing damage down the road.



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