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Toss That Junk: How to Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

Tweet How to be environmentally mindful with your discards. You are proud of your accomplishment, but you are also left with the residue of your hard work: scraps of lumber,

General News

Organize Your Spring Garage Sale

Spring is the perfect season for holding a garage sale. It is the season of renewal and thoughts of working outdoors is on everyone’s mind. That means homeowners will be looking at their furniture, tools and other outdoor items with an eye to perhaps getting rid of some stuff while even acquiring some new or gently used items.

Garden Furniture

You Can Save Money on Summer Outdoor Furniture

With summer now behind us, you will soon be putting all of your outdoor furniture away. Then again, if you’re tired of your current set and really don’t want to store it only to bring it out again next spring, you can sell your set and buy new furniture instead. Like right now.