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Home Decor

Rental Redesign Tips for Tenants

Tweet Thus, if you want to move a wall, replace a door or put in crown molding, don’t expect your landlord to be receptive to your request. What you may

Home Interior

How to Avoid the Home Contractor Blues

You’re about set to undertake a major home renovation project with a loan secured from your bank and plans drawn up by an architect. The next step you take is an all-important one, a move where you’ll hire a home contractor to oversee the entire job.


How to Hire a Landscape Professional

Some homeowners prefer to outsource their lawn care needs to a private party. This makes sense if you don’t have the time to take care of your property or simply prefer to leave the chore to someone else.

Home Financing

How to Get a Home Equity Loan

If you have owned your home for several years, you may have built up some equity. That equity can be tapped to pay for some major improvements or cover smaller projects such as new fixtures, a refreshed kitchen or new floors.

Home Storage

Should You Expand Your Home or Rent a Storage Unit?

Tweet Finding places to put everything you own. American homeowners, looking for more room, can expand their houses to provide what they need including more storage space. For some people,