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Renovation Designs

Floor Plans and Blueprints: Learn How to Read Cryptic House Maps to Better Understand Your Remodel

You’ve got everything in place for your home remodel—you’ve set out a budget, you’ve selected a talented and competent contractor, and you’re excited for the work to start.

Home Interior

Looking Ahead: Home Improvement Ideas for the New Year

Tweet Perhaps there are a few personal projects that were left undone, including some things you wanted to get done around the house. Or, maybe there are certain projects you


Start Your Own Backyard Mini Chicken Farm For Less Than $300

Tweet The frustration of these financial doings is that as food prices go up — exponentially in some cases — the amount of money that is needed to procure these

Home Storage

5 Things You Need To Know Before Selecting A Shed Plan

Tweet By Magnus Dahlquist Have you grown out of your present residence and really need a stand-alone unit in which to store all of your stuff? Sheds are a great