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Does Air Duct Cleaning Work? When to Clean, and When Not To

Tweet Allergy sufferers, smokers, pet owners, new parents, and first-time homeowners all have the same question on their mind: does air duct cleaning work? In a word, yes, but it


4 Facts About Air Purifiers Howeowners Should Know

Tweet Many homeowners don’t realize that an air purifier is an optional add-on to their HVAC system. Check out these four facts about air purifiers to learn why you should


What Every Homeowner Should Know Before Purchasing an Air Purifier

Tweet The experts at the Air & Water Centre have devised an essential guide to air purification, giving homeowners everywhere the information they need to decide whether buying an air


Air Ventilation

Tweet For those of us with dust and mold-related allergies, these situations can be agonizing and embarrassing.  Even for those without such sensitivities, a poorly ventilated area is immediately detectable.