ideas: Time for the Corn Harvest – An Important Meal Source for the World

Time for the Corn Harvest – An Important Meal Source for the World

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corn harvest

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The corn is ready to harvest


  • Corn harvesting is huge in the mid-west – particularly in Iowa – the largest corn producing state:
    INFO: corn FAQs
  • The harvest begins mid-September and runs through October depending on the area – and sometimes in November if the growing season was cool.
  • And what comes out of the corn harvest? We get – sweet corn – feed corn – popcorn – biofuel – and many byproducts that we use everyday:
    INFO: 18 surprising, everyday items made with corn
  • But sweet corn is a great food source for consumption and the production of corn products we find in cereals, chips and more:
    INFO: corn 101: nutrition facts and health benefits
  • And what about the corn maze? corn is the best plant to use for corn mazes – as we come closer to fall festivities. Corn can grow as high as 15 feet with corn stalks planted 1 foot apart. A mature corn field gives you the perfect maze that is great fun to run through – especially during the Halloween month of October:

    IMAGES: top-view corn mazes
    INFO: corn mazes of america
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corn harvest

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It is feed corn or something else


  • Corn can be used for so many things – surprisingly, only about 1% of the corn harvest is for sweet corn that we eat.
  • The other 99% is for corn feed – used for animal feed – production of corn syrup and meal – biofuel and other by products:
    SOURCE: difference between the corn we eat vs. what cows eat
  • So the harvest for sweet corn is earlier – when the stalk is green. The harvest of corn feed is much later – when the stalk is completely dry.
  • The corn harvest is tough work? just like any other harvest; it’s long hours and dusty work to get the corn harvest it. And everything depends on the market – the price the farmer can get with its crop:

    INFO: understanding commodity prices
    INFO: basis signals in grain markets
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IMAGES: corn harvest (new win)
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corn harvest

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Looking forward to …


  • That is fresh, corn on the cob – a favorite during holidays and afternoon BBQs:
    INFO: how to boil corn on the cob
  • Corn on the cob (sweet corn) is ~1% of the total corn harvest – but it is the best part of the harvest that tastes the best.
  • You can boil it – grill it – or shuck it to make some of your favorite corn dishes.
  • What can you make with corn Other than straight corn from the cob, there is corn pudding – corn salad – corn salsa – scalloped corn – corn chowder – corn bread – and many more corn dishes:

    INFO: all types of corn receipes

    corn grilling basketcorn butterer

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corn harvest

copyright image by Pixabay

The history of maize (corn)


  • It is believed that maize orginated in meso-America – a crop that was a key food source of meso-America indigenous people:
    INFO: story of maize, Mexico’s gift to the world
  • Maize came in all sorts of colors and flavors – it is through years of domestication where we have what we call today corn:
    INFO: mysterious origin of corn
  • It was the discovery of the Americas during 15th and 16th century exploration period that corn become of the most important grain exports in the world.
  • Where is corn grown? the United States is the largest producer of corn followed by China and Brazil. Corn is such an important crop that is ranks currently as the #1 grain in the amount of tonnes produced followed by rice and wheat.

    INFO: largest staple food production
    INFO: the world of corn

    maize basketsfall indian corn decor

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corn harvest

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Don’t forget the popcorn


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