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Living/Family Room

Tips for Creating an Elegant Living Room Space

The living room is usually a dedicated place for families and their guests to relax in most households. It is without a doubt the queen of the house. There are many explanations for this, including the fact that you pay more attention and care in designing the interior.

Home Decor

ideas: Interior Decorating Rules You Should Break

Personal scruples may keep you from breaking most rules, but when it comes to interior decorating, do your best to ignore designer “rules” and make your home into something you truly love.

Remodeling Ideas

10 Projects for Your Next Interior Remodel That Will Make Your Home Look Custom Designed

If only one good thing came out of the shambles that was 2020, it was this. All over the country, people are turning their attention inward. Since we’ve all spent more time at home than ever before and saved a ton on going out, everyone’s on the home improvement bandwagon.

Home Decor

5 Window Curtain Tips and Tricks for Small Living Rooms

Maximizing the spaces in your house is just when you have bigger families. Occupying the entire area is useful when furniture is being shoved in the corners.

Doors and Windows

Using the Softer Touch For Decorating Windows

Window curtains are one of the the options to decorate windows and provide some shade when the sun pours in. The advantage of window curtains is the softer touch they give to your room decor.

Home Decor

Window Blinds – All Types for Shade and Privacy

You have all types of window blinds to block the hot sun rays and to give you privacy. Let’s review the varying types of window blinds for your particular room.

Doors and Windows

Using Windows to Make a Statement

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to do so, plants are a great addition to window space. It’s the perfect option for someone living in a flat or