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Walk-In Closets

Thinking of remodeling your bedroom? How about allocating some extra space for a walk-in closet. Let’s get some ideas!

Closet Systems

Sliding Door Wardrobe For a Small Bed or Spare Room

Sometimes your bedrooms come with no or very little closet space. Now what do you do? That is when built-in or standing wardrobes come in. They give the space you never had for that small bedroom.

Closet Systems

Empty Closet Shelves For Closet Organization Ideas

In this post, we are going to take a look at empty shelving options to give you ideas on how to organize a closet. Many of these options can be purchased or you can easily build and assemble them with some simple guides.

Closet Systems

It’s All About Closet Systems That Make It Organized

Closets! They are valuable spaces in any home. The challenge is keeping it organized with all of our stuff. That is where closet systems come in. They utilize the space to give you complete organizational control. Let’s take a peek!

Closet Systems

If You Have the Space, Then Let’s Go All Out

Walk-in closet for those who have the space Notes: Walk-in closets are great additions to any home. With organization, you can design your walk-in with cabinetry and shelves to manage clothes, shoes, and bed n’ bath linens. The walk-in should be large enough where you can dress inside the closet. Note the counter dress area with drawers for socks and other clothing. Shelves pull out on the far back wall that allow maximum organization. What comments can you share? purchased