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The 8-Bit Art in Vinyl Flooring – For Kid’s Room and Bathroom

The kid’s bathroom needs flooring. So does the laundry utility room.

So you need something stylish that is water resistant. Any ideas???


Bringing the Look of London Into Your Home

London calling! That is the Victorian tile effect being displayed below that is unique to London. It is a nice collection of styled flooring ideas for home or office.


Look Up! Is There Anything Worth Seeing?

We are going to do with the ceiling? We can paint it, texture it, or do something totally different. How about making a ceiling statement with a creative ceiling mural?


The Look of Textile Flooring to Get That Carpeting Look

Get the look of textile flooring … but as a vinyl floor. This collection gives you the look of textiles and other carpeting designs.


Cool Flooring Ideas For The Inner Kid In You

Cool flooring ideas from Atrafloor. It is especially designed for kids (and for bigger kids too). These floors will take you back to the fun days when your imagination ran wild.