ideas: How To Make Your Bathroom More Inviting

How To Make Your Bathroom More Inviting

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  • Though bathrooms are a necessary part of your abode, you may not think about how pleasant they are to be in as a guest. A bathroom that you've made yourself comfortable in may not be comfortable for guests.

    If you want to refresh your bathroom's appearance, here are some tips for how to make your bathroom more inviting that you can take to heart.

    • 1) keep it clean
    • 2) decorate to impress
    • 3) choose new paint colors
    • 4) add some flora
    • 5) keep towels within view

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make your bathroom more inviting

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Keep it clean


  • This may seem obvious, but if you want guests to feel welcome in your entire home, then your bathroom should be exceptionally clean.
  • Cleanliness is a sign of good hygiene, so when a bathroom is unclean, it makes guests uncomfortable the whole time that they’re in your house.
  • Guests can notice details that you may glaze over, like clumps of hair on the floor or a dirty sink. Regularly clean the toilets, sinks, and countertops. Make sure that the soap is refilled.
    10 Daily Bathroom Cleaning Habits
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make your bathroom more inviting

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Decorate to impress


  • You don’t need many decorations in a bathroom, but the ones that you do add can beautify any kind of bathroom—big or small.
  • Larger bathrooms can hold more crowding furniture like chairs or shelving units, but smaller bathrooms may find more decorating success with wall decorations or trinkets.
  • If you’d prefer to keep your bathroom’s decorations to a minimum, try weaving the décor alongside the bathroom necessities. Bathroom accessories are an excellent way to splice together the indispensable with the beautiful.
    76 Ways To Decorate A Small Bathroom
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make your bathroom more inviting

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Choose a new paint color


  • A fresh coat of paint will always be easy on the eyes for any guest. Pick a bold color for your bathroom that suits your home’s theme or go with a natural color for comfort.
  • Darker colors in a bathroom can be riskier but can also have the reward of a cozier room with a warmer mood. If you do paint with dark colors, have lighter wall accents that pop.
  • White trim or molding can enhance the royal feeling of a dark bathroom. Lighter, more neutral bathrooms will always be a safer decision, but they may not make the bathroom stand out unless you add something special.
    Forget Basic Beige — Give Bold Bathroom Colors a Shot
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make your bathroom more inviting

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Add some flora


  • Decorating with plants not only increases the beauty of your bathroom but also might provide a nice smell to freshen it up.
  • Pick a plant that makes a statement but can also live perfectly fine on your sink countertop.
  • Make sure the plant you choose doesn’t need sunlight to survive since your bathroom most likely doesn’t have much access to the sun. If you don’t want to grow a plant in your bathroom, flowers in a vase will do.
    8 ‘Shower Plants’ That Want to Live in Your Bathroom
  • eternity houseplantair houseplantssnake houseplant

       some of the best bathroom houseplants to consider      

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make your bathroom more inviting

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Keep guest towels within view


  • Whenever guests can see extra towels out, they will feel more welcome. Install an interesting way to display guest towels or place furniture that invites guests to use an extra set of towels for a shower or cleaning their faces.
  • Little things that let your guest know that they’re welcome will help make your bathroom more inviting—your home will be more inviting, too.
    28 Towel Display Ideas for Pretty (and Practical) Bathroom Storage
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  • What comments can you share about
    making your bathroom more inviting

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