ideas: Creating a Home Driveway Style That You Can Show Off

Creating a Home Driveway Style That You Can Show Off

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  • What does your driveway look like? Is it fashionable and interesting? Or is it plain looking?

    How about creating your own home driveway style? It might add to your home value.

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home driveway style

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What is your home driveway style


  • You might not think much about your driveway – just as long as it functions and is not falling apart.
  • But the driveway takes up a lot of real estate – so creating a style – though simple it may be – might enhance your curb appeal.
  • Note the amount of real estate that occupies this driveway.
  • Using a nice layout of cobblestones gives it a style the compliments the house.
  • Break up the driveway When you have such a large driveway, its nice to break it up with some landscaping area that gives you a turn around. They are using shrubs and a form of ivy to avoid weekly maintenance. What comments can you share?

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home driveway style

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Welcome to our home


  • When you have three garage side entrances, you need to have a large driveway that allows easy access and exit for your autos.
  • So this driveway takes up the entire front landscaping of the home.
  • The driveway has to be styled to give some type of creative design to enhance the landscape – note how the light middle section forms the border around the home and garage.
  • As for landscaping You could use decorative garden urns with small trees and conifers that match. Also note the landscaping around the home and along the side that makes up the driveway boundary. The metal roof of the garage and home also add to the decorative theme. What comments can you share?


    decorative garden urns

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home driveway style

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Adding color


  • Using colored concrete can give a nice home driveway style that compliments the color of the garage and home.
  • This works best when you have concrete sections that segment the driveway – which is needed when laying concrete.
  • Your colored concrete can be bold or reserved – for example, different shades of grey for the varying segments of the concrete:
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  • Playing basketball Concrete is the perfect surface for outdoor basketball. An idea to consider for colored concrete is making a playground area on your driveway for basketball and other driveway games. What comments can you share?

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home driveway style

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Colored stone works too


  • Different shades of driveway stone also works to form a nice hstyle.
  • One shade could be the boundary shoulder of the driveway – another shade for the driving area – and a third shade for the home and garage entrance area.
  • And a nice landscaped area in the middle to give you a turnaround.
  • Alot of driveway Note that there is a driveway entrance and exit – not to mention an extended driveway to the garage out back. That is a lot of driveway to maintain and keep trimmed and weed free. Something to think about when building your own home with an extended and styled driveway. What comments can you share?

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