Mashing Pavement with Elegance: Design Ideas for Home Driveways

Mashing Pavement with Elegance: Design Ideas for Home Driveways
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    The driveway on your home doesn’t have to feature plain concrete with a lightly textured surface.

    There are plenty of options to make the driveway beautiful and give it character.


Though stone, brick, and other pavement materials can be nice, the best and more versatile option is really concrete. With the many different forms of concrete, you can turn your front drive into a work of art. Here are just a few design ideas that you can embrace when you combine a beautiful design with professional concrete work.

Traditional Cobblestone

If you have a home with a historic look, then a cobblestone driveway or brick pavers will look great and help maintain that classic look. You don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintaining a brick driveway, but you won’t have to with decorative concrete. The contractors can use colors and patterns to make it look like brick while still providing you with the smooth finish of concrete. This is a form of decorative concrete that can take your driveway to new heights.

Natural Stone

Few materials look as elegant as natural stone. You could spend a small fortune to bring in natural stone pavers that can handle the weight of vehicles, but concrete offers a cost-effective alternative. The drive can be finished with random shapes and a natural blend of colors that will closely mimic travertine, marble or even slate. Colored concrete won’t be dulled by the sun because the colors are mixed into the aggregate and will last for as long as the driveway.

Swirls and Stamps

Do you love the look of concrete that’s finished with a series of swirls? This is a great option for tract houses where you may want something that’s a little different without making your driveway stand out too much. You can also have a touch of color added to give the driveway a slightly darker, muted touch that will look beautiful with your turf and your home. Choose stamps that look like leaves or any number of patterns for a whimsical yet subdued look you’re sure to love.

Large Pavers

Cobblestone drives are reminiscent of a time gone by, but large pavers have an elegant and sophisticated feel that brick cannot imitate. Before you start pricing out larger pavers and working on the design, meet with a contractor to see how they can give you this luxurious look at a fraction of the price. If you want a rough surface for better traction, look for course aggregate concrete. Where fine aggregates give concrete a smoother finish, the rough particles can add a nice texture to your driveway for a more natural look.

Concrete driveways are easy to maintain and built to last. However, just the standard concrete can also feel a little bland and dull. The great news is that you can choose from countless options and styles when you go with concrete. With a concrete driveway you don’t have to compromise on price or style. Whether you want heavy texturing, decorative stamping or fantastic colors, you can find exactly what you’re searching for in concrete.

This post was made with help from the guys at H&H Concrete on Demand. Talk to them to coordinate how to design the driveway you have in mind.

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