How to Create a Classic and Sophisticated Interior for Home

How to Create a Classic and Sophisticated Interior for Home
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    Our homes are our roots, and thus they also reflect our personality.

    The question is, does your home reflect your own style and sophistication?


Did you know that there are ways on how to create a classic and sophisticated home interior style that will never fall out of trend?

In this article, we are going to talk about how to choose dominant colors for your home interiors and which products and home interior design accessories you can use in order to accentuate the sophistication of your own home and make it more cohesive and complete.

Dominant Colors

One of the most common tips that we get from interior design magazines and websites is to stick to neutral colors. For most of us, the natural instinct is to think about beige or achromatic colors like white, grey, and black. But wouldn’t those colors seem a bit…boring?

Sure, they can work really well for those who are going for a minimalist aesthetic but what about for people who live for color? This is the reason why we are going to share with you three more classic color combinations that you can experiment with:

  • Ocean Hues

    Looking for a neutral color that can serve as an alternative to black? Try blue. You can go for a monochromatic combination of different shades of blue such as turquoise, cobalt, and sky blue. We understand that it can be easy to drown in these ocean hues so we recommend using beige, wood, and sand-colored elements as well to give your space a breather.

gray paint for interior wallspaint roller

  • Breath of Nature

    Whenever we think of nature and interior design, we usually think of bohemian tones. Bohemian themes have a tendency to be overly loud and cluttered, though, so we present you with a more refined alternative. You can use a combination of earth tones like beiges and greys, then add pops of color by incorporating blue and green home accessories.

  • Colors of Warmth

    We’ve been sharing cool palettes so far, thus, for our last color combination suggestion, we want to present you with a warmer option. For that, we recommend three colors: greige, cream, and russet. Greige, by the way, is the combination of grey and beige. We believe that rustic decor complements this color option best.

Speaking of home decor, now that we’ve established our canvas of colors, why don’t we start putting in the details by adding home accessories?

Home Accessories

Here are five accessories that we believe every home (and room) should have:

  • Wall Art

    One of the first things that you’d want to do is to add interest to your bare walls. This is especially true if you didn’t use patterned wallpaper. There are different types of visual art that you can put on your walls. You can frame art prints, posters, calligraphy quotes, and even paint a mural.

decorative wall artwall clocks

  • Lighting

    Here’s the thing. Your wall art will fall apart without proper lighting, especially during night time. But did you know that aside from lighting up a space, your choice of lighting can add some interest and warmth to any room? Chandeliers and table lamps are popular choices. You can choose a ceiling piece to serve as an accent, but we recommend getting uniform table lamps.

chandelierstable lamps

  • Cushions

    Cushions can be difficult to mix and match, plus it’s very easy to go overboard with them. Here’s a tip: instead of bold patterns, why not go for bold textures instead? Fur pieces are the usual choice but you can go for woven and suede textures too.

  • Rugs or Carpets

    You can apply the same tip that we have shared with you on selecting cushions with rugs and carpets too, although it’s easier to go for a bold pattern with a carpet and not go overboard. Choose patterns with bigger prints if you want a more toned-down design.

area rugsrug gripper

  • Plants

    Finally, breathe some life into your space with plants. What we absolutely love about plants is that you won’t have to worry much about colors and patterns anymore. Just get some plain planters and focus more on the position of your plants. Place them in locations that get a lot of natural light, or if that’s not possible, get fake plants instead (nothing beats actual plants, though).

plant standslive indoor plants

Finishing Touches

Look at your space. It’s probably well-decorated right now if you’ve been following our tips so far. It’s time to finish it all up by adding personal touches. Add pictures. Put memorabilia and other things that bring you joy on display.

To Sum It Up…

Having your home look like it sprung from an interior design magazine certainly is fulfilling, but nothing beats making a classic space your own. You can do this not just by selecting your color palette, but also by adding the appropriate home accessories. The accessories themselves make the space livable and not just look like an empty hotel room.

other valuable tips:

Also, don’t forget things that are important to you such as travel pictures, photos of your family and friends, heirloom pieces, and more. These personal touches will make your home even cozier and comfortable to live in, and these elements, when put together, will turn a mere living space into a special sanctuary.

If you have any ideas on a sophisticated home interior style, don’t forget to share your comments below. We would love to hear from you. Have fun decorating!

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