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Garden Planting

Useful Tips for Cultivating A Vertical Garden

A vertical garden, also known as green wall, moss wall, live wall and a few other things is a technique of gardening. This method employs a panel that is vertically suspended to grow plants with the aid of hydroponics. A vertical garden can stand on its own or be attached to a wall.

Home Decor

Fun Ways To Decorate Your Home With Throw Pillows

Whether you have a bunch of throw pillows lying around that you aren’t sure what to do with or want a reason to start buying the beautiful ones you see at the store, you can do so many things with throw pillows.

Home Entry Stairway

How to Enhance the Appearance of Your Staircase

Anyone who lives in a house more than one story tall likely uses their staircase several times a day. Considering that, wouldn’t it be nice for this feature to really added something to your home?


Top 10 Tips on Choosing the Right Tub for Your Bathroom

Choosing the right tub for your bathroom can be a tough decision. There are so many types of tubs to choose from, and you want to make sure you get one that fits the style of your home. We have compiled a list of 10 important factors to consider when choosing the best bathtub!


How To Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, quite often the bedrooms turn out to be the smallest rooms in the place. It’s true, bedrooms have grown smaller, and while they can still be perfectly cute and cozy, you might feel a bit cramped after picking out and setting up your bedroom set.

Nursery Room

Practical Tips For Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery

Having a newborn baby is one of life’s greatest blessings. Apart from getting to experience all the joys of having a mini-you that you get to love and cherish, having a baby comes with a whole set of difficulties. Of course, getting through this period will be well worth it in the end.

Remodeling Ideas

Which Home Improvements To Tackle Yourself … And Which To Leave To The Professional

If you’re looking to remodel your home as cost-effectively as possible, you may be considering doing the work yourself. In some circumstances, this is a great way to make savings, but there are also areas where it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Home Office

Home Office Solutions

Since the global pandemic started in 2020, the world of office working has definitely evolved. Remote working is now seen as a more positive solution due to employees being more flexible and getting the right work and personal life balance.

Green Home

7 Home Improvements that Will Ultimately Save Money

As a homeowner, you might be contemplating making home improvements to uplift the appearance of your house. According to experts, adding more rooms, upgrading your kitchen and the bathroom is a great way to add value to your home.


The Best Multifunctional Furniture for Your Home

When renovating your house, keep your layout options open. What looks good on the blueprints might not work in practice. Give your interior design some flexibility by shopping for the best multifunctional furniture for your home.

Garden Planting

landscaping (annual flowers) –    Dragon Wing Begonias

Looking for an easy-to-grow lush plant that gives the tropical look? Then consider dragon wing begonias for color and growth.

Walls and Ceiling

The Main Types of Wall Trim You Need To Know

Homeowners use wall trim for a plethora of reasons. Historically, trim has hidden wall imperfections, hung pictures, and even kept out vermin. But these days, homeowners mostly use it for purely visual purposes. Each trim lends itself to a different aesthetic, and it can change our perception of a space.