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Sun Room

You Could Have Room or Better Yet, A Home Atrium

What the benefits of an home atrium? Beauty – natural lighting – watching plants grow and bloom – add to the psychological benefits of plants.

Holiday Events

Getting Ready for Flag Day

Today is flag day – and what follows is Independence Day. So getting ready flag day means displaying your flag in commemoration of these special holidays.

Kitchen Accessories

Let’s Have Some Seafood Tonight

Okay!, we are going cook seafood tonight. We have many varying options to select from. Would you like shrimp – lobster – crab – or maybe a nice salmon steak.

Recreation Room

What’s in the Basement – How About a Basement Music Room

Always wondering what to do with you basement space. There are plenty of good ideas. But have you thought of building a music room studio. Who knows, you might develop a hit song.

July 4 Celebration

Places to Go for the July 4th Celebrations – Secondary Cities

We think of places like Boston, New York, DC, LA when it comes to big July 4th celebrations. But maybe it’s time to visit some secondary cities for July 4th. Let’s take a look at some.


Surround Metal Fireplaces – View From All Angles

There are fireplaces … and then there are fireplaces. We are going to review metal fireplaces with 360-degree views and suspending flutes.


What Kind of Flooring for Your Bathroom Upgrade

Bathroom flooring – what type? Tile – wood – carpet – laminate – sheet vinyl. Maybe wood slats. Let’s take review some options below.

Utility Needs

Got To Do “Spring” Cleaning

Welcome spring! Now it’s time for spring cleaning. Put your gloves on, turn up the music, and get going. It will make your home more please to live in.

Garden Planting

Needing Shrubs for Your Home and Yard Landscaping

Decorative shrubs are an important element for any yard landscaping plan. They function as screening, flowering or accent shrubs to bed and outbuildings.

Walls and Ceiling

Getting Ready to Paint the Interior Rooms this Summer

Summer is great time to paint your interior rooms. And a nice paint job is one way to refresh and redecorate your room with complimentary decor. It’s all about color!


Enjoying Each Other in a Comfortable Loveseat

Is your living space limited? Not wide or long enough for a full sofa? Consider using a loveseat. It is a small sofa that fit nicely in tight spaces.

Analysis Home Theater

photo image analysis: Enjoying Home Theater Movies in Style

It would be nice to have your personal home theater room. But is doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to set aside a room, connect the theater screen with the projector, and add comfortable seating. All of the other frills can come later.