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Featured Storage Space

How to Store Home Items: Food, Emergency Items, Clothing

If it is a house then another name for home items would be clutter. There would be overstuffed drawers, bursting cupboards, an overflowing attic and basement and so on. This does not mean that you need a bigger home as even that would get filled up fast.

Featured News Releases

Low-Water Landscaping: The Best Water-Saving Plants

The threat of drought and water shortages has forced landscapers to get creative with their plant selections. A growing number of professional gardeners now specialize in low-water landscaping, also known as xeriscaping.

Decks-Patios-Porches Featured

How to Prep the Patio for Summer

Summertime is the season when everyone wants to spend as much time as possible outside soaking up the sun and enjoying friends and family. This means that everyone wants to have their outdoor space ready for the summer before it arrives.

Featured Porch

Front Porch Design Styles: Creating Your Special Haven

Your choice of porch design will largely depend on the style of your home and where you live.

Featured Home Storage

5 Tips To Help You Overcome The Home Storage War In Your Bedroom

It might seem like a difficult task to come up with a relaxing place where you and your significant other can lovingly unwind and enjoy a good night’s sleep. However, the process is not as hard as most think it is.

Featured Green Home

Building An Eco-Friendly Home: Six Tips To Stay Green With Your New Home

Creating an eco-friendly home means having a smaller impact on the environment, saving money on energy bills, and even living a healthier lifestyle. If you are unsure of where to begin the process of creating a green home, then take a look at these six tips that you can incorporate into your design.

Featured Home Interior

8 Interior Design Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

When it comes to interior design, it’s easy to get flooded by an endless stream of inspiration. Turn off your Pinterest and take a look at 8 ingenious interior design apps for smartphones and tablets, which will help boost your productivity.

Featured Fences and Gates

DIY Garden Fence Building: 15 Steps

Not only will a garden fence protect your garden by keeping out stray animals, but it can also add a more modern or vintage appeal to your home. With an affordable quality garden fence made of timber, maintenance for several years is possible and simple.

Featured Landscaping

How to Choose Lawn-Friendly Trees for Your Yard

Choosing the perfect tree for your yard might seem easier than it really is. Although we usually divide trees on evergreen and deciduous, tall and short, skinny and thick, we need to pay attention to numerous other characteristics.

Den/Library Featured

5 Inspirational Ideas for Your Study Space

Whether you’re a freelancer working from home or you’d like to provide your child with a space for doing their homework or studying, organizing a study space can be quite a creative challenge.

Decks-Patios-Porches Featured

5 Reasons Why Decks and Deck Railings Are More than Just Accessories

Decks spell natural charm, openness and opportunities for great get-togethers. It is also America’s most preferred way to maximize space and enjoy more of outdoors, especially during warm summers.

Doors and Windows Featured

Choosing the Right Front Entry Door for Your Home

The front door of one’s home must serve two primary purposes: enhance the security of the residence, as well as compliment its appearance.