5 Reasons You Should Keep a Neat and Tidy Home

5 Reasons You Should Keep a Neat and Tidy Home
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    Maintaining a clean and well-organized home is a trait that is admired globally, and for good reason.

    For one, you are less likely to slip on, or stumble over, a misplaced toy or banana peel and injure yourself.


Experts further claim that living or working in an organized environment makes you calmer and more productive.

Good as this sounds, not everyone can achieve a tidy home or even a tidy room. Much as you wish your place was more presentable, the pressures of life and time constraints seem to render you powerless to change the status quo.

And you could be sharing your space with family members or friends who are not as conscious of neatness as you are. 

Here is why you should endeavor to keep a clean space and a few pointers on how you can make it happen.

1. A Calmer Mind

A study conducted among women in America showed that those who lived in cluttered homes had higher levels of fatigue than those whose homes were organized.

Higher levels of depression and the stress-related hormone cortisol were also recorded among the women who lived in unkempt spaces.

The level of tidiness in your home not only affects your state of mind, but also affects your productivity. When your eyes are overwhelmed by chaotic surroundings, you will be less able to focus and complete tasks.

You will also be more likely to be irritable, which will, in turn, make you less able to work in harmony with others.

2. Stress Management

Stress can be caused by various issues-challenges at work, a rocky relationship; you name it. Returning to a cluttered, filthy home will only make life seem more unbearable.

It’s not just the results of tidying up your residence that will calm you and increase your productivity; the cleaning process will help ease your mind.

Even the smell of detergent or dishwashing liquid you inhale while cleaning can improve your mood.

Physical activity improves one’s mood, which will happen as you exert yourself by doing laundry or moving things into their rightful places. You may not need to have a paid-up gym membership if you consistently do your chores.

3. Germ Control

Germs are always accumulating in our living spaces, coming in from a variety of sources. The wind blows in dust particles whenever your windows are open.

Whenever you venture out of the house, you are exposed to germs, which you may pick up when you touch or step on surfaces.

Your kitchen will be a haven for germs if your foodstuff is not disposed of or preserved carefully. Damp surfaces, especially bathrooms and toilets – can become a breeding ground for germs.

Scrubbing your bathrooms, kitchen surfaces, and food storage compartments regularly will reduce the chances of you and your loved ones contracting ailments caused by bacterial and viral infections.



4. Allergic Reactions

Open windows or adventurous pets can bring pollen and other allergens into the house. Regularly mopping your floors and wiping tables and other surfaces will help to eliminate these allergens before they can trigger painful reactions.

5. Overall Health

One of the key components of a healthy life is good sleep. A neat and tidy home has a role to play in ensuring you get the right quantity and quality of sleep. A well-made bed with clean bedding augurs well for good, deep sleep.

How many times have you bumped yourself on an object that was left in the wrong place, or tripped on a toy that was not returned to its shelf?

While most of these domestic accidents will be innocuous, they can sometimes cause serious injury. Getting into a habit of replacing things after use and perpetuating the same to your housemates will eliminate such nasty eventualities.

In a clean house, you are less likely to encounter the nefarious microorganisms that cause disease. Your chances of contacting something that will trigger an allergic reaction are also lower in a house that is cleaned frequently.

You can further reduce your chances of contracting infections by wearing protective items while at home. Sandals will keep your feet protected from sharp objects and eyeglasses your eyes from allergens.

Comfortable glasses frames that you can wear all day and night are available, but you also have the option of contact lenses.

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Baby Steps

Making cleaning and organizing your house a part of your lifestyle is not as difficult as it may seem. You simply need to start small. Commit to accomplishing a small part of domestic cleanliness each day.

Start with the kitchen sink today, and move to the cupboards tomorrow. As these tasks become habitual, you won’t need any encouragement to do them.

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