Are Paperboard Filter Frames Better?

Are Paperboard Filter Frames Better?
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    Almost everyone who has an HVAC system understands that changing the air filters regularly is required for it to last a long time.

    The purpose of air filter frames made of paperboard is to hold HVAC filters in place.


Through a die-cutting procedure described on this page, they may be adjusted to fit any air filtration system. But, before we go into detail about the advantages of paperboard filter frames, it’s important to understand the main factor in determining the quality of an air filter.

What is MERV?

An air filter’s minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) indicates how well it prevents dust and other impurities from entering the air.

Small particles are trapped more efficiently by filters with higher MERV ratings than those with lower MERV values. The number ranges from one to sixteen.

Inpatient care rooms, surgical theaters, and other areas where airborne pollutants of any type pose a threat must use the highest MERV-rated air filters.

These should not be used in your house since they are so densely woven that they can block ventilation, costing you more money in the long run.

The majority of homeowners will benefit from filters with a MERV rating of 5 to 8, but those who require a higher grade can go as high as 12. Anything more than that is ineffective.

Paperboard Filter Frames Benefits

Now that we have established the main criteria for air filter quality, let’s look at the advantages offered by paperboard filters and frames.

  • Easier to replace

    The paperboard filter absorbs most of the dust and grime from the air. When maximum capacity is reached, the filters can be easily removed and discarded.

    As a result, disposal is both rapid and hygienic, as the filter and the pollutants trapped within it are disposed of. The paperboard variants are excellent at absorbing dust and dirt, and the sturdy construction guarantees that the filter frames do not break even when removed.

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  • Easy to customize

    An HVAC system will be installed when a house is built. The HVAC system may need to be adjusted to meet the construction of a home. As a result, the filter frame that was designed to match that HVAC System might no longer be compatible.

    A custom cut paperboard airframe is cut precisely to match your air filtration system. Other frames are pre-cut, and they may or may not suit your system.

    Although a factory-made air filter may be custom-made to match a certain HVAC system, factory-made filter frames are frequently made to accommodate a variety of HVAC systems and may be slightly too oversized or undersized.

  • Affordable price

    Paperboard filters and frames contain paper and sometimes even cotton fibers, which generate static and act as a magnet for airborne particles. They are regarded as one of the most cost-effective materials and are one of the most affordable filter solutions.

    Not only that, but they’re also great at catching tiny particles. This means you get both high quality and a reasonable price.

  • Appropriate MERV rating

    Finally, a paperboard filter frame is distinguished by its MERV value, typically about eight. Because eight is in the center of the MERV scale, a paperboard filter will give you efficient air filtering performance while utilizing only the energy required, keeping your wallet happy.

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