Services to Hire When Self-Contracting Your Home Remodel

Services to Hire When Self-Contracting Your Home Remodel
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    Home remodeling projects are big undertakings that require a huge financial investment.

    Fortunately, considering a do-it-yourself approach could cut out the general contractor, helping you save some money on the overall remodeling project.


Depending on the type of project, some jobs will require professionals. As a self-contractor, you’ll have to hire the following services to ensure your remodel is successful.

Plumbing Services

Home remodeling projects can never be complete without plumbing projects. Maybe you want to replace the toilet, dishwasher, faucet aerator, shower, or a broken pipe. As simple as they may seem, the input of a licensed plumber is often necessary.

These plumbers are well trained hence will ensure all facilities are working effectively. More importantly, plumbers ensure your remodel complies with the local codes and regulations.

You may be able to make simple changes like changing the showerhead yourself, but definitely leave the bigger projects to the professionals.

The last thing you want is a leak that causes flooding or sewage backup. This kind of error would add a lot of extra expense to your project.

Electrical Services

Whether you are upgrading electrical wiring, replacing light fixtures, or installing new sockets, hiring an electrician is a reliable option.

As a seasoned DIYer, it may be tempting to use the information on the internet and take on electrical works. Be sure to avoid this mistake.

Poor electrical work can cause faulty wiring, electrocution, and other dangerous situations for you and your family. Therefore, seeking electrical services from a licensed electrician can protect you from potential injuries, damage, and malfunction.

Interior Design

There is no better way to bring vision and life to your home than hiring interior designers. An interior designer meets the specific needs of a home remodel.

They’ll bring in new fresh ideas on how to decorate your interior, what color to add as well as the kind of furniture that will add more value to your property. Last but not least, this team of professionals will give you money-saving tips and alleviate much of the stress associated with interior home remodeling.

Another benefit of working with a professional designer is that they have industry connections and often have access to discounts and exclusive items. If you have a busy schedule or simply don’t have much of an eye for design, a professional interior designer can certainly be worth the cost.

Painting Services

If you are thinking of dramatically improving your home’s aesthetic appeal, then painting the walls shouldn’t miss your remodeling list. As simple as painting can seem, it isn’t a skill that everyone has.

During your remodeling, you need someone who can identify the best primer, paint, and finish for your home. Professionals also have access to special tools to reach high ceilings, cut in with accuracy, and create smooth finishes.

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If you are painting cabinets, especially, you’ll want to have painters on board for the job. A haphazard painting job can take your kitchen from beautiful and modern to tacky and unappealing. You won’t regret spending a little extra money to get a beautiful finished product.

Final Thoughts

Choosing to self-contract your home remodel not only gives you control over the project but also saves you money. However, as you take down this route, there are services that are better left to the professionals.

While the above mentioned are common services to hire, other services worth considering include woodworking, landscaping, and flooring.

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