How To Choose The Right Bin Size For Renovation Rubbish

How To Choose The Right Bin Size For Renovation Rubbish
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    When you have a renovation project, you'd end up dealing with piles of rubbish once the work is finished.

    However, putting your waste in a truck in several batches can be complicated and time-consuming.


In this type of scenario, skip bins could be useful. These are sizeable open-topped waste containers designed to clear significant amounts of debris from people’s homes.

Unfortunately, if you’ve never used a skip bin before, you may find it challenging to pick the right size you need. With various sizes to choose from, you may not know which of them is appropriate for your wastes.

Keep reading this article to learn how to choose the correct skip bin size for renovation rubbish. 

Evaluate The Situation

Before you decide which size is perfect for your renovation rubbish, it’s vital to assess the situation thoroughly.

Consider the schedule of events, such as the length of the project, the tasks to be completed, and the materials involved in the home renovation job.

Once you have the details, it’s time to figure out whether hiring a skip bin can be the best method to clear all the rubbish from your home.

It’d be much easier to select the appropriate bin size for your rubbish by evaluating the situation. 

Estimate The Amount Of Waste To Be Disposed Of

Another way to choose the right bin size for your renovation rubbish is to first estimate the amount of waste to be disposed of after the completion of the project. The more you know how much trash should be cleared, the easier you can identify the size of the bin appropriate for your needs. 

Thus, to have a good estimate, you need to gather all the rubbish and put it in one place. From there, you can quickly determine how big your skip bin should be to properly dispose of all your waste during a home renovation project. 

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Know The Different Skip Bin Sizes

Once you have a good estimate of the rubbish you need to dispose of, know the different sizes of skip bins to determine the perfect size for your waste.

Typically, there are several bin sizes to choose from, depending on your renovation project. If you want to learn more about the various sizes, check out MCR skip bins and those of similar firms.

But to give you an idea, here’s a brief description for each:

  • 2 Cubic meters:

    It’s the smallest size for a skip bin, which can hold one and a half trailer’s worth of rubbish. If you’re renovating a single room, this bin size can be an ideal option. 

  • 3 Cubic meters:

    If you’re doing some minor cleanups or a house move, this skip bin size can be a budget-friendly choice because it can accommodate two trailers worth of junk. 

  • 4 Cubic meters:

    If you’re looking for a bin that can take rubbish from a minor renovation cleanup, this size is what you need. It can accommodate three to four trailer’s worth of junk. 

  • 6 Cubic meters:

    If you’re demolishing a section in your property or clearing an entire family home, using a skin bin of this size can be a great decision. It can hold up to five trailer’s worth of rubbish. 

  • 8 Cubic meters:

    It’s considered the second largest skip, appropriate for disposing of waste accumulated in large construction sites. You can load up to six trailer’s worth of junk in it. 

  • 10 Cubic meters:

    For commercial and industrial waste removal, using a skip bin of this size can be the best thing to do as it can hold up to eight trailer’s worth of junk. It’s commonly known as a roll-on roll-off skip bin due to its ability to get rid of waste like bulky items and heavy materials.


Now that you know the various sizes of skips, you can easily select the appropriate one for your needs and avoid the consequences of hiring the wrong one.

If you get one that’s too big, you may be unable to maximize its space for the entire disposal process. If you hire a small one, you may end up spending extra cash in the long run.

That’s why it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the different skip bin sizes before selecting one.

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Bottom Line

Indeed, picking the correct bin size for your renovation rubbish is essential in saving time and money for your waste management efforts. With the right one in place, you can dispose of all your waste more conveniently and seamlessly. Therefore, keep the abovementioned ways in mind to avoid hiring the wrong skip bin size, which could lead to more costly consequences. 

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